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WWII - 1943, VP Wallace & FDR in S. America & Mexico; North Africa; Bombing Toyko

Reel Number: H1917-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Bolivia,China,Japan,Mexico,Tunisia,USA

Location: Chungking,La Paz,Monterrey,North Africa

TC Begins: 01:49:36

TC Ends: 01:58:24

Duration: 00:08:48

Titles. 01:50:09 Vice President Henry Wallace on reviewing stand watching military parade, gives V-sign. Touring 7 countries; rides in carriage, car. Cheering crowds. Flags. 01:50:43 Arriving in Bolivia; MCU, motorcade thru La Paz streets. W/ President Enrique Penaranda. 01:51:26 Planes over Monterrey, Mexico. President Roosevelt / FDR shaking hands w/ President Manuel Avila Camacho. Eleanor Roosevelt & Mrs Camacho shake hands. Motorcade thru streets w/ large crowds. On reviewing stand w/ Mexican troops passing in review. 01:52:20 Title: Armies of the world enlist to fight Axis. Greek troops training; French Foreign Legion leaving for Tunisia boarding ship, Black soldiers carrying live chickens, duffel bags, etc. 01:53:07 Arriving American troops in North Africa, one w/ puppy / dog mascot; waving to camera. Equipment on docks & crates moved, trucks assembled. 01:53:39 Tanks moving across plains / desert of Tunesia; large artillery pulled along road. Jeeps & motorcycle sliding on muddy road. 01:54:14 Title: Carrier revealed as base for air raid on Tokyo. USS Hornet (CV- thru stormy waters; 16 B-25s on flight deck. Colonel Doolittle w/ air crews & bomb posing; Japanese medals tied to 500 lb bomb. 01:55:17 Carrier in heavy seas; Japanese patrol boats sunk. Surveyors pose onboard cruiser. B-25s warmed up, taking off seen from CV & from another ship; flying overhead. 01:57:27 Stills of targets damaged by bombing; wrecked planes in China. 01:58:05 Madam Chiang Kai Shek w/ fliers in Chungking, giving awards & posing. The End. WW2; WWII; Propaganda; Wartime Diplomacy; Secrets;

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