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WWII - Color, North Africa, Sicilian Invasion, Naval Activity ca Jul43 R10 of 13

Reel Number: H1684-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943,

Country: Italy,USA

Location: North Africa,Sicily

TC Begins: 12:48:16

TC Ends: 13:10:33

Duration: 00:22:17

WWII - Color, North Africa, Sicilian Invasion, Naval Activity ca Jul43 French sailors marching w/ rifles on dock, ships behind. British sailors march past. American sailors march past; all on dock. 12:49:18 Small naval ship moving slow in water. GI directs North African or Italian POWs out of wooden building; other German POWs w/ hands on head beside road / orchard & US jeeps. 12:51:14 US tank past on dusty road. Smoke from large bomb explosion; flak in sky. 12;52:18 LST burning close to shore; others in harbor. Shell explosions on shore. Sunset at sea. 12:53:56 Sailors play on deck, one tied down. Two officers in dress white uniforms salute sailors on dock; other ceremony w/ British sailors. 12:55:14 Small ship docks flying British flags, officers off including General Eisenhower & into car w/ naval officer. 12:56:26 Aboard ship, view of destroyer escort, other ships in convoy w/ barrage balloons above. Convoy from ship; past land. Barrage balloon drifting loose & into water. Convoy in sea w/ white caps, officers on bridge; sailors at rail. PC-557 passing alongside (Patrol Craft lend-lease to France, 1942-44). 13:01:19 Brief view on large ship w/ soldiers at rail, landing craft on top of ship. Convoy thru smooth water. 13:02:29 Large dance band playing on shipboard for American soldiers & sailors / troops. CUs. 13:04:07 Landing craft w/ GIs leaves side of ship. Another fills w/ GIs down netting. Landing craft around freighter. Men waiting on deck, view from landing craft of officers descending net; leaving ship. Jeep lowered into landing craft. View of Sicily shore. 13:08:12 Beach w/ cargo on sand, amphibious vehicle coming in, explosions in water; LST onto beach & shells exploding near. Floating dock & bulldozer unloaded; explosions in sand. 13:09:14 Landing craft circling offshore; destroyer escort in water WW2; GIs; British Navy; USA Navy; French Navy; North Africa 1943; NOTE: VERY GOOD COLOR & CONTENTS. Probably 09Jul43. NOTE: Any continuous 11 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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