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WWII - FDR Signs Draft Bill; M-10s; Tunisia & German POWs

Reel Number: H1776-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Tunisia,USA

Location: Bizerte,Camp Hood,DC,North Africa,Texas,Washington

TC Begins: 10:20:14

TC Ends: 10:30:28

Duration: 00:10:14

WWII - FDR Signs Draft Bill; M-10s; Tunisia & German POWs Flash title: The Draft - Conscription Made Law Of The Land. 10:24:15 FDR at desk signing bill w/ four men standing behind: Fred Vinson, ??, George Marshall & ?? 10:24:27 View over shoulder; blotting paper. 10:20:32 With more men including VP Garner. 10:20:36 Camp Hood, Texas training. View across field w/ scrub trees, M-10 Tank Destroyer approaching, parks, fires & backs out of frame. MS M-10 firing. Again approaches, stops close to camera & gun pivots. 10:22:05 M-10 pulls under large tree & stops, fires; backs away. Overhead shot of men firing multiple shells inside M-10; MCU & CU. 10:24:37 Tunisia: LS of building w/ multiple flags from poles seen from under palm trees. Tilt down & pan across military & civilians in front w/ small French flags. 10:25:06 Army vehicles up street, leaflets thrown off. People picking up & reading. People waving at passing vehicles. 10:25:48 Kids alongside road making flower bouquets. Women making V sign & throwing flowers. 10:26:21 Highway sign: El Hathat 7.5 km, Tunis 64.8 km w/ 10:26:31 US soldiers hurry up road toward & past camera w/ bayoneted rifles. Entrance sign: Bizerte on side of building. GIs looking into destroyed doorways & windows of houses / stores. MCUs. 10:27:30 German officers out of vehicle; questioned by US officers. CUs. German officers sitting, smoking in house; making beds in barracks (brief). 10:28:30 German officer out of truck, cameraman filming, directed into barbed wire holding pen. German POWs talking. Pan truckload of German Prisoners of War in truck watching. Large number in field. 10:29:30 Jeep loaded w/ North African kids thru street. 10:29:52 Tank parked alongside road; local people walking past w/ bags & bundles. 10:30:21 German POWs in back of truck w/ GI. WW2; Military Draft; Conscription Law; 1940s; Searching Buildings;

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