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First Step, The ...Forward R1 of 2

Reel Number: 221357-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Germany


TC Begins: 22:30:55

TC Ends: 22:40:31

Duration: 00:09:36

The First Step ...Forward R1 of 2 Note: entire reel silent. Titles: Produced by the 8th AAF Combat Camera Unit, APO 633, US Army for The Program of Army Assistance To German Youth Activities 22:31:14 Forward “...the first constructive step to be taken by the occupation forces in their mission of rehabilitation is the German Youth Activities Program” Joseph T. McNarney, Commanding General 22:31:27 People walking in destroyed city w/ tall walls still standing & much rubble; kids sitting, people walking, US army jeep past. Twisted steel beams. Sunken barges in canal. 22:32:05 Soldiers at lathe; tent camp behind barbed wire & watch tower. Defendants at Nuremberg Trial. 22:32:26 Dramatic shot of people walking toward camera along narrow sidewalk amidst ruins w/ tall church behind them, tilt up spire. View from top of Church overlooking city destroyed city & same shot before war w/ busy street. Destroyed buildings along street. 22:32:56 Military Government notice boards on side of building. People reading & pedestrians past. Kids sitting on curb talking. 22:33:46 Happy German boy on playing field catches baseball bat thrown by soldier. Other soldiers showing how to pitch softball, tagging runner out, swinging bat, choosing side for game. Kids playing soccer football, older boy explaining to soldier who tries. 22:35:24 Jeep & two soldiers drive up to closed building. 22:35:53 Kids hiking w/ two soldiers in countryside. Soldier explaining to German boys how to play basketball in gymnasium. Older German boy talks to others when GI leaves, thrown out when he returns. 22:37:59 Animated bar graph showing increase May to August. 22:38:16 Large multi-story building w/ jeeps past; door sign: Army Assistance To German Youth Activities CU paper & pencil pointing as its read. Organizational Chart... 22:38:56 Men look at pile of ?? Open chest w/ sports equipment. Soldiers in barracks & German youth issued lantern, blanket & rucksack. GI signs for it. GI gestures & young boys run and climb into army truck & tailgate closed. German Occupation; Occupied Germany; Rebuilding Post-WWII; Destroyed City; Destruction; Propaganda; Post-WW2;

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