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Post-WWII - Welt Im Film Sections

Reel Number: 221355-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1949

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin,Nurember|

TC Begins: 18:39:13

TC Ends: 18:47:41

Duration: 00:08:28

Post-WWII - Welt Im Film Sections 18:39:13 Welt Im Film main title w/ turning globe. Issue No. 205 10,000 Tons A Day Recorded for Air Bridge C-47 planes taxing out, one in over air terminal, turning radar, planes in over empty railroad tracks & landing. troops & trucks. Nose of plane graffiti: 1383 flts, 12849 tonnage. Avro York landing at dusk. C-47. 18:40:26 Issue No. 205 Einingung uber das Grundgesetz aka Agreement on German Basic Law Large concrete building w/ German & ?? flag flying. Military & civilians entering: British, French & Americans. Gen. Clay, General Robertson & ??. The End. 18:41:22 Welt Im Film Issue No. 198 Attlee in Berlin Clement Attlee out of plane, greeted by Gen. Robertson & into car. Posing w/ Germans. Reuters (SOF) greets him at mic. Franz Neumann (?) present. Avro York planes on snow & rainy runway. Walking w/ Gen. Luicius Clay & others to C-47, shaking hands. 18:43:01 Sign: Villa Lemm G.O.C. British Troops Berlin Residence. Attlee w/ Gen. Vaughn & Gen Hawley (sp?) and another on steps at microphone (MOS). 18:43:18 Welt Im Film No. 204 Lord President Morrison in Germany. Herbert Morrison off plane & greeted by Gen. Robertson & Mayor Reuter of Berlin. Morrison speaks in English at mics: “The airlift has brought a lot to Berlin. It has brought sustanence thru the winter. It has also brought genuine & practical evidence support & sympathy in your efforts to maintain your own democratic freedom.” Signing the Golden Book of City of Berlin. Touring steel mill, watching sheet steel rolled. (GOOD). 18:44:45 Welt Im Film No. 204 Ein Jahr Marshall-Plan 1st Anniversary Large freighters unload seen from water unloading; tugs moving ships. Workers building docks. Railroad cars on dock. Slings of sacks of grain off-loaded from ship. Representative for Marshall Plan in Germany, Mr Collisson thanks representative of T.U.S. of Trizonia for cooperation. (MOS). Shake hand. Steel mill (?) or leather rolling, cutting fabric or rubber. Women working at bench. 18:46:07 Welt Im Film No. 204 Aktuelles in Kurze - Wilhelmstrasse Trial, Nuremberg Trial of German ministers held before US military court / American Military Tribunal (not International Military Tribunal). Ext. of large building. Looking down into recreation courtyard of prison; defendants walking. Int. of courtroom w/ judge William Christianson, Robert Maguire, & Leon Powers, lawyers, spectators. Single defendant, Ernst Weizsacker, in box given headset by guard to listen to sentence; repeated w/ another defendant, Ernst Wilhelm Bohle, had of the foreign organization of the NSDAP; Reich Finance Minister Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk, European Recovery Program; Head of Reich Chancellery Hans Heinrich Lammers; Minister for Food & Agriculture Walther Darre; Otto Dietrich; Gottlob Berger. Court adjourned, judges leave. Post-WWII Occupied Germany; Trials; Politicians; Meetings; Industry; Airlift; Cold War; Diplomacy; Occupation; Propaganda; 1949;

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