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Year 1945, The

Reel Number: 221692-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,Italy,Philippines,USA

Location: Berlin,Manila,MILAN,Nurnberg,Pacific,Yalta

TC Begins: 19:01:52

TC Ends: 19:11:51

Duration: 00:09:59

Titles. 19:02:35 German (?) tank w/ soldiers on top l. to r. MCU soldiers lighting cigarettes, smoking at Battle of the Bulge. German troops past burning Allied trucks 19:03:11 Allied convoy moving up thru fog; troops walking across field, along muddy lane. Planes over, tanks in snowy field; burning German equipment. British troops moving up thru fields. 19:03:56 MCU Allied troops greeting each other in Berlin; Russian & US officer walking, talking. 19:04:05 White House from south w/ snow; FDR Roosevelt 4th term inauguration: shaking hands at podium; LS of porch w/ guests below. MCU FDR waving, shakes hands w/ VP Truman. 19:04:25 LS Yalta conference building; seated in garden w/ Churchill & Stalin. 19:04:45 Roosevelt funeral cortege w/ Capitol behind; MCU tearful mourning; fly over. Flowers at burial. 19:05:23 Harry Truman sworn in, White House Cabinet Room, kisses bible. 19:05:41 07May45 Germany surrenders - signing in Reims, France schoolhouse. Gen. Jodl arrives, signs. Gen Walter Bedell Smith & Russian Generals. Smith signs. CU of document. German Generals turn to leave. CU General Eisenhower & other delegates laughing. 19:06:20 Aircraft carrier w/ flak; Kamikaze plane into water; other ships, flak, falling planes in flame & crashing onto carrier deck, fires fought. GOOD. 19:07:09 Ships shelling shore; US forces assault Okinawa on Easter Sunday - good shots ships firing. AV landing craft - landing craft on beaches - troops - US flag raised Jul45. 19:08:02 Atomic explosion test w/ mushroom cloud. 19:08:17 USS Missouri, Japan surrenders on battleship. 3rd fleet sailors in dress white aboard ship. Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs for Japan - Douglas MacArthur signs - Chinese General Hsu Yung-chang signs. Fly-over. 19:08:58 Sidewalk w/ bodies, hands tied in Philippines; Manila women walking thru rubble. Wounded and bedraggled children. CU sign: 98th Evacuation Hospital. 19:09:27 General Tojo in hospital bed, CU. Admiral Shimada in cell; Shigemori Karuda (sp?); General Nasahara Komota (?); Kasimi Hashimoto (?) Black Dragon (?). 19:09:47 Large number of bodies in German concentration camp spread out on ground, people looking. CUs. MCU Starved survivors; medics helping onto litter. 19:10:18 Milan, Italy crowd seeing bodies of Mussolini & others laying on ground; hanging. 19:10:42 Hitler touring hospital. 19:10:55 High angle of courtroom in Nuremberg trial. Defendants. 19:11:24 United Nations flags in MCU & signing of United Nations Agreement. The End. 02Sep45 Surrender; Horrors of War; 1945 Summary; WWII; WW2;

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