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Post-War - 1947, Germany: Nuremberg Medical Case; Marshal Douglas; Schmidt Sentenced; Mainz Restored.

Reel Number: 221752-45

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1947,1940s

Country: England,France,Germany,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Hamburg,Mainz,Munich,Nuremberg

TC Begins: 17:04:05

TC Ends: 17:14:12

Duration: 00:10:07

Post-War - 1947, Germany: Nuremberg Medical Case; Marshal Douglas; Schmidt Sentenced; Mainz Restored. SOF. Judge calls defendent Osakar Schroeder as witness; legal statement of lack of notification of witnesses to be called. Swearing in of Schroeder. Testifies in German. 17:09:03 Black slug. 17:09:06 Title for Welt Im Film No. 57. 17:09:32 Intertitle: Sir Sholto Douglas In Hamburg. Narration in German. Marshall Douglas arrives to attend Zones Advisory Board. Out of car, salutes & handshakes w/ other Allied officers, up steps & into building. 17:09:49 Interior shaking hands w/ various civilians in receiving line; talking. 17:10:16 Men around meeting table include Konrad Adenauer. Douglas sits at head table w/ microphones, reads statement (not heard) as civilians, MCU, listen. 17:10:48 SOF: “In your work & assure you of my desire & intention to make full use of this counsel & of the advice which I shall receive from it.” LS of table w/ men & woman listening. 17:11:04 Title: Munchen: Fall Scholl: Erstes Urteil Der Spruchkammer. 17:11:11 German narration over courtroom scene w/ man testifies as civilians listen. Judge, Jacob Schmidt; men stand before judge, w/ narration describing charges. 17:12:02 Judge reads charges & sentences (?). Defendant Jakob Schmidt w/ head in hands. 17:12:27 Title: Mainz Wieder Universitatsstadt. Narration describes restoration of University & Gutenberg Museum. LS buildings, & MCU details. Rebuilding of buildings w/ civilian & military looking at building plans;workers on scaffolding. Finished building. 17:13:07 Interior, ceremony w/ military man speaking to large assembled group of VIPS, listening. 17:13:27 Ext. Statue; buildings, glass windows & statuary. Gutenberg bible. & press demonstrated, printing page. Cold War; War Crimes Trial; German Occupation; Post-WW2; NOTE: Any portion or all sold at per reel rate.

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