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Post-WWII - 1945, Germany: Nuremberg War Crime Trial Cross Examination of Goering. 18Mar46

Reel Number: 220560-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946,1940s

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Nuremberg

TC Begins: 04:06:54

TC Ends: 04:17:53

Duration: 00:10:59

Post-WWII - 1945, Germany: Nuremberg War Crime Trial Cross Examination of Goering. 18Mar46 Munich 053. Justice Jackson questioning Goering: “But you are explaining, as the high authority of this system, to men who do not understand it very well, & I want to know what was necessary to run the kind of system that you set up in Germany. The concentration camp was one of the things you found immediately necessary upon coming into power, was it not? And you set them up as a matter of necessity, as you saw it?” 04:07:21 Goering replies in German. 04:07:51 Jackson: “Your answer is yes, I take it?” Goering: “Yes”. Jackson: “Was it also necessary, in operating this system, that you must not have persons entitled to public trials in independent courts? And you immediately issued an order that your political police would not be subject to court review or to court orders, did you not?” Goering responds in German. 04:09:42 Jackson: “Let's omit that. I have not asked for that. If you will just answer my question, we shall save a great deal of time. Your counsel will be permitted to bring out any explanations you want to make. You did prohibit all court review & considered it necessary to prohibit court review of the causes for taking people into what you called protective custody?” Goering responds briefly. President of Court interjects. Goering replies. 04:11:23 Jackson: “Now, it is also a necessity, in the kind of state that you had, that you have some kind of organization to carry propaganda down to the people and to get their reaction and inform the leadership of it, is it not?” Goering. Jackson further talks about Goering’s need for organization & Goering replies. 04:12:25 Jackson: “Well, if you wanted certain people killed you had to have some organization that would kill them didn't you? Rohm & the rest of them were not killed by Hitler's own hands nor by yours, were they?” Goering responds. Jackson: “But when it was State necessity to kill somebody, you had to have somebody to do it, didn't you?” Goering responds. Jackson: “And the SA, the SS, & the SD, organizations of that kind, were the organizations that carried out the orders & dealt with people on a physical level, were they not?” 04:13:30 Goering & Jackson back & forth. 04:14:50 Jackson: “Now, that is the type of government the government which we have just been describing-the only type of government which you think is necessary to govern Germany?” Goering back & forth w/ Jackson. 04:16:30 SI. Court adjourning; defendants in dock, lawyers, press & justices standing & filing out of court. Post-WW2; Holocaust Testimony; Extermination Evidence; Horrors of War; Crimes Against Humanity; 1940s; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. Good quality sound.

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