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Post-WWII - 1945, Germany: Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, Jodl Questioned. Jul46

Reel Number: 221152-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946,1940s

Country: England,Germany,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Nuremberg

TC Begins: 09:07:14

TC Ends: 09:16:47

Duration: 00:09:33

Post-WWII - 1945, Germany: Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, Jodl (?) Questioned. Jul46 Munich No. 222. MCU British Assistant prosecutor Major General William H. Gill (?) at microphone, w/ headset, questioning unseen defendant (Alfred Jodl ?) referred to as “Head of the Home Defense Department” re Anschluss & invasion of Czechoslovakia. 09:08;50 “Were you not told at that Conference, Hitler said that Germany’s problem was a problem of space?...that the German question could only be solved by force?” - “Were you not present at Obersalzberg when Keitel was there with Schussnig in the following February?” - lawyer reads defendant’s diary entry dated 11Feb38. 09:10:55 “In March you signed or initialed one or two orders for Operation Otto...” - refers to Austria under Nazi rule - “It received the SS, the Gestapo, the concentration camps, the suppression of opponents and the persecution of Jews, didn’t it? You say the people appeared pleased to see you?” 09:13:41 Various shots unid. English woman / translator enters courtroom in military uniform ?, sits down, takes headset. Repeat take several times. 09:15:04 Long CU of woman smiling, male voice asks her if headset is comfortable - “Yes, thank you”. Looks intently at camera, then down & nods slowly & looks back to camera. Post-WW2 Nazi trials; Jewish Ethnic Cleansing; Germany; Austria Invasion; 1930s; 1940s; NOTE: Defendant’s answers in English? barely audible.

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