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Post-WWII - 1946, Germany: Welt Im Film excerpts: see descriptions below

Reel Number: 221365-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946,1940s

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Berlin,Dachau,Mauthausen,Nuremberg

TC Begins: 02:00:02

TC Ends: 02:07:00

Duration: 00:06:58

Post-WWII - 1946, Germany: Welt Im Film, Excerpts - Beginning of Trials Against German Doctors Title: Nurnberg: Beginn Des Arzteprozesses. 02:00:10 Nuremberg War Crimes trial, people in courtroom rise, Judges enter & sit down; others sit. Defendants in stand w/ headphones. Telford Taylor to lectern & calls out names (SOF): ??, Siegfried Handloser, Paul Rostock, Oskar Schroeder, Karl Genzken. 02:01:47 MCU of Taylor. LS of judges. Karl Brandt standing, pleads not guilty. Handloser standing pleads not guilty. Herta Oberheuser of Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp pleads not guilty. 02:02:48 Welt Im Film no. 52 excerpt: Tiergarten Plowed Up, Berlin Title: Berliner Streiflichter Pan over heavily damaged area to statues on pedestals; army bulldozer behind. MCU pushing stumps. Germans (?) working pulling roots & brush. Men on tractor plowing, soldier walking alongside. 02:03:31 Statue on top of large Victory Column & multi-columned base w/ people digging, plowing, planting potatoes & seeds behind horses & w/ shovels. 02:04:10 Welt Im Film Issue No. 52 excerpt: Mauthausen Trials - Dachau International Military Tribunal, 29Mar-13May46 Building w/ large sign War Crimes Branch, Judge Advocate Section HQ Third United States ?; defendants march in. Interior w/ view of seated spectators watching. Defendants wearing numbers seated on risers. Military judges at front w/ man (#4) standing before him sentences man to death by hanging. (#7) sentenced to death. (#13) August Eigruber rises & stands in front & sentenced to death. #26 Hans Hegenscheidt; #50 Kaspar Klimowitsch. #60 Hans Spatzenegger. #61 Viktor Zoller walked across courtyard between two MPs. Medical Experiments; War Crimes; Food Shortage; Post-WW2 Rebuilding; Death Sentences; 1946; 1940s; Germany; Rebuilding Park;

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