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Seeds of Destiny R1 of 2

Reel Number: 221289-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1946

Country: Germany

Location: Europe

TC Begins: 22:51:13

TC Ends: 23:00:36

Duration: 00:09:23

Seeds of Destiny R1 of 2 War Department Presents Lightning strike, storm clouds. Rain heavy; refugees walking through bombed out mountain village; CU feet in mud; kids under tarps given food. Sitting around fires warming. Many nationalities. Walk thru city w/ shovels. Pan over kids w/ diseases, shell-shocked, crying, wounds, girl in hospital from exploded shell. Kids without legs. Orphans. Kids running in packs. Begging; smoking cigarettes & cigars. Poverty. Going thru junk heats for food. Fighting on rubble piles. 22:54:44 Picture of Tojo, Hitler, Mussolini replacing w/ kids. Crosses on destroyed church. Sign: Lidice & pan across empty valley site. Women concentration camp survivors laying flowers at monument. Pan slowly. 22:55:59 Captured SS men who helped destroy Lidice; Nuremberg Trial w/ defendants. Shell marked Reichstag. Hitler speaking w/ text over screen. Heavy ruins of harbor, factories. Stone heaps of rubble & building remains. People living in caves. CU rat out of hole in wood at floor level. People gathering fetid water. 22:58:00 Hungry people going thru garbage cans. Old woman, others wait in line. Starved people in MCU. Piles of corpses. Interior of furnaces, piles of bones. Nazi youth, Hitler. English German accent translation of Van Runsberg speech. Starving baby in crib, several babies crying. Post-WWII; WW2 Atrocities; Aftermath; Damage; Europe;

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