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1971 - Russian Newsreel: Poland; Yemen; WWII Reunion; Czechoslovakia; School; Desert; Japan

Reel Number: 221594-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971,1970s

Country: Chile,Czechia,Japan,Japan Czechoslovakia,Poland,Russia,Turkmenistan,USSR,Yemen

Location: Kamchatka,Moscow,Prague,Tokyo,Turkmenistan,Warsaw

TC Begins: 01:21:04

TC Ends: 01:31:46

Duration: 00:10:42

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk 1971 - Russian Newsreel: Poland; Yemen; WWII Reunion; Czechoslovakia; School; Desert; Japan 01:21:29 Title: Warsaw, 6th Meeting of Polish Communists. High angle / HA large meeting hall, big flag w/ Lenin’s portrait; Poland Party leader Edward Gierek on podium, shots of audience, listening w/ earpieces, applaud. Brezhnev’s speech (SOF), w/ glasses, audience applause, Brezhnev salutes World Peace & Communism, applause, CU Brezhnev w/ other VIPs applaud, HA audience. 01:23:43 Title: Friendship and collaboration. LS Kremlin. Podgorny meets President of Yemen Arab Republic Abdul Rahman al-Iryani, shake hands, photographer takes pictures, delegates sit at meeting table, CU smiling Podgorny & President al-Iryani w/ sunglasses, meeting delegates. 01:24:26 Kremlin. Podgorny meets Chilean delegation w/ minister Umberto Morales, shake hands, sit at table. Podgorny w/ cigarette in hand, CU delegates, photographers take pictures. 01:24:57 Title: Great movement. Winter, HA people in the field near WWII war monument, 30th anniversary of great victory at the outskirts of Moscow, people crowds, men hold flags, CU monument, engraved names & portraits of victims, HA battle field. Archival footage of defense of Moscow battle, troops dressed in white camouflage on tanks, various shots of tanks, war planes dropping bombs, field broken cars in the snow. WW2 veterans walk thru snowy battle field; greet each other in the meeting room, hug. Veterans meeting in Soviet House of Unions. Honor Guard of soldiers march thru hall w/ flags. CU veterans, various speakers on podium including veteran general Batov, General Lilushenko.. 01:27:15 Prague, high angle city bridges over river, President of Czechoslovakia, Ludvik Svoboda, meets delegation of Soviet scientists & specialists, shake hands, CU USSR Deputy Chairman Kirilin thanks Svoboda for warm welcome, delegation talks around the table. CU president Svoboda. 01:28:06 Kamchatka, CU sunrise, winter, snow tractor car past, teacher Provoverova on way to work walks thru snow storm. Provoverova in front of classroom w/ pupils, teacher talking to children around her. 01:29:04 Turkmenistan, Karakum desert, camels thru desert, high power line construction, researchers walk on desert sand dune, surveying. Institution of Desert Research, scientists doing research projects produce sand stabilizing liquids. In desert men spray sand under power line construction w/ special liquid to protect it from strong winds, men in corn field measure stalks; plants over their head. 01:30:29 Title: Tokyo, Japan. Night, people w/ placards in protest meeting, Ext Diet building, interior HA of meeting hall, leading liberal party’s speaker on the podium speaks about agreeing on US troop staying in Okinawa, opposition parties start fighting, high angle of fighting in parliament hall, delegates fight. Violent demonstrations on city streets, big protest crowds clash w/ police, riot, people listen to speaker at demonstration; various shots of protesters thru city streets. The End Diplomats; Diplomacy; USSR; Communism; Communists; 1970s; WWII Memorial; Agriculture; Extreme Weather; Hot; Cold; Erosion; Anti-American; Cold War; NOTE: Any continuous on minute sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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