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1972 - USSR Documentary: Killer Is Known, The R2 of 6

Reel Number: 221493-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972

Country: Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 05:10:23

TC Ends: 05:20:19

Duration: 00:09:56

R2 of 6 CU old lady speaks on camera (SOF), shot of war memorial, big mass grave’s remembrance plate w/ small pictures on it. Old woman speaks about time when many innocent people were killed, tell how she was arrested, tied up, laughed at, shot at, how policeman hit her in the face so hard that she lost 4 tooth & then was thrown across the room; she didn’t think she was going to survive. Injured, she was put in jail. She tells of her relatives who were killed, how she was moved from one prison to an other & as a result she gave birth to a dead baby in prison before being moved to the cellar where she didn’t sea daylight for 4 month. Together w/ other prisoners she was brought to the woods & shot at, falling into the pit of corpses, but survived; when the killers left she climbed out & found her way home. Visuals of trees & pruned tree trunks over some of her story. 05:14:05 Woman says that she could never forgive for all the pain & suffering; and that she wishes there to be peace, joy & happiness on the earth, without war & that kind of suffering would never be repeated. 05:14:42 CU ripe wheat, combine in the field. LS birds in field, high angle folk singers & dance group in native costumes perform on river bank, folk group girls onto bridge near big lake, sing & throw their crowns in to the water. Return to the old lady in the beginning of the film, CU flower crowns floating on the water. 05:15:39 Russian troops march in wintery streets of Moscow, big banner on the building - “Long live 24th Anniversary of Great October Revolution”, soldiers march thru Red Square in snow, past Lenin’s Tomb. 05:16:11 Flashback, WWII battle scenes, troops run across wintery field shooting; explosions, fighting in village, soldiers surrender - hold up their hands. CU various faces of soldiers, big explosion, city in ruins, man throws grenade, explosion in the water, troops run from boats onto riverbank. Explosion on the shore, various shots of battle field, soldiers advancing thru fields, tanks, explosions. 05:17:12 Ivan - ex soldier speaks (SOF) of his years when he was fighting to protect homeland; says he took part in the battle to protect Moscow, Stalingrad & others. CU placard where he signed at the end of the war in Berlin, shots of various graffiti writings on the walls as left by soldiers. 05:18:20 Moscow, Soviet soldiers throw fascist flags onto the Lenin’s mausoleum. People greet soldiers returning home, give flowers, emotional women greet husbands, kiss, hug, father soldier hugs his young son, all march on the road. 05:18:53 Another war veteran tells his memories, speaks about actions of Ukrainian Bourgeoisie Nationalist movement. WW2 Fascist Atrocities; Ukraine; Memory; Memories; Documentary; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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