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1972 - USSR Documentary: Killer Is Known, The R3 of 6

Reel Number: 221493-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972

Country: Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 05:20:31

TC Ends: 05:30:03

Duration: 00:09:32

R3 of 6 CU newspaper headline: “Notice for Ukrainian people”. CU article. Shot thru the shed to the well, to hay stack in field, apples on the tree, sunflower. 05:21:12 Women lead cattle thru country field overlooking farmhouses, masked shot to farmers w/ cattle past broken down tank, plow past fascist helmet on the ground, little boy in field runs next to the plow, men sowing by hand in the field (most of the shots masked). 05:21:43 Man chops wood next to the big wood pile, CU axe, speaks on camera (SOF), puts cigarette in his mouth & lights it, shot of eye from small hole. 05:22:32 Masked shot of Ukrainian army commander, speaks of Ukrainian Bourgeoisie Nationalists, CU water inside well. 05:23:31 Courtroom, CU old lady & man from beginning of the film, all rise as judge enters courtroom. CU people in room, judge reads out accusations; accused men sit behind lawyer. CU old lady w/ tearful eyes. 05:24:22 CU man speaks SOF, tells how fascists together w/ police surrounded their village & led people to be shot in the woods. He tells how many of his friends & 23 family members were shot incl. mother, 4 brothers, sister; tells how his young daughter was thrown in the pit & buried alive, how crying women w/ small children in their arms were led to the woods and shot. 05:25:54 Shots of tortured & burned corpses on the ground. People at the war crime trial, various witnesses tell how they were tortured, man shows his arm w/ no hand as it was cut off w/ axe, woman w/ scars on her face on the witness stand, cut back to the old lady standing in the country field. 05:27:22 CU stills: Fascist cross, picture of Ukrainian fascists at table w/ Christ picture & swastika behind, portrait of priest, Russian archbishops, cathedral. CU sculpture of the priest outside the cathedral. Film: priests give their blessings in field, one makes speech on podium (MOS). LS church, picture of the archbishop. CU letter sent by him to army soldiers. 05:28:28 Decorated posts w/ slogan - Heil Hitler, photography, Fascist meeting, people w/ Nazi flags, VIPs on podium, CU meeting’s participants, Fascist flags, people give Nazi salute, man on the podium reads out speech (MOS), newspaper articles w/ title “Independent Ukraine”(?). 05:29:06 In the stadium festive meeting, national greeting Bread & Salt handed to German officer. Flashback people w/ bread & salt standing in snow, people march in the street, German troops march thru city streets. CU ship Seriphos in port w/ French (?) flag, French troops on shore, loading ship, men carry big sacs on to the board. 05:29:42 Nazi Army officers walk past; troops, high angle troops march thru streets, Fascist meeting, SS man on the podium. WWII Fascist Atrocities; Ukraine; WW2 War Crimes Trial; Memory; Memories; Ukraine; Documentary; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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