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European Tragedy Pt. 2 of 3

Reel Number: 221242-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1939,1942

Country: Germany,Lithuania,Poland,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,Warsaw

TC Begins: 18:23:12

TC Ends: 18:28:20

Duration: 00:05:08

European Tragedy Pt 2 of ? Continued... Germans leave farms in Lithuania, pack belongings & ride off in horse carriage, people leaving homes in Serbia, Croatia, Rumania & Finland, people on the move. Changing road signs. Pushing sleds along snow covered road. 18:23:43 Night, fireball or flare falls over lake, soldiers pass burning buildings, shot from the plane to other war planes in the sky. Homeless in field, people come out of the underground bunkers & hurry away, leave village. Dead soldiers in shot up truck w/ machine gun on back; people grieve over dead, corpses put in coffins, women cry. Map shows forced resettlement of Poles & Baltic state inhabitants into Russia & German resettlement to Siberia. 18:25:01 Still pictures of deported people in the train carriages, grave yard, people around the fire, CU book w/ names of missing deported people. 18:25:18 German occupied Europe w/ transport links; train on railway; men & women selected for forced labor (as though woman arrested?) others wait to be called for forced labor. Animated arrows on map illustrate deportees moved to Germany from occupied nations as forced labor. 18:25:46 Long lines of homeless Jews & others walk thru country field. Warsaw ghetto, starving children on street, people eat out of one kettle; shots of starved people & kids, in shelter, on the street, corpse on the street. Still pictures of big crowds of Jews on the train platform, shot of crematorium in the background. 18:26:56 Ship on the water, Jews who were lucky to escape speak to the camera (SOF), introduce themselves, state their countries incl. Vienna, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Bolivia, Belgium. 18:27:10 Russia, battle field, shooting, explosions, soldiers on horses thru battle field, CU helmet w/ bullet hole, dead soldier, army nurse takes care of injured, tanks thru city, soldiers w/ flag on the tank. 18:27:51 At Stalingrad Field Marshall Paulus surrenders an army, Soviet officers enter building, CU surrendered Nazis answering questions. 18:28:05 Moscow at night, celebrations of Stalingrad victory & proclamation of Patriotic war, fireworks over the Red Square. 1939 (?); WW2; WWII;

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