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European Tragedy Pt. 3 of 3

Reel Number: 221242-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Finland,Germany,Iran,Russia,USSR

Location: dresden,EastPRussia,Moscow

TC Begins: 18:28:20

TC Ends: 18:34:24

Duration: 00:06:04

European Tragedy Pt 3 of ? Tens of thousands German prisoners march thru Moscow, people watch from rooftops; gather on roadsides, CU prisoners, people shout, woman spits towards prisoners, huge crowds from various angles, after the march street washed w/ special trucks, prisoners into train carriages for last journey - to prison camps, train leaves station. 18:29:12 Russian refugees return to destroyed homes; people near huge mass grave uncovered, grieving women. Russian troops on horse wagon, greeted by cheering crowds, women give kisses, kids present flowers, people w/ placards of Stalin; Russians who feared communism seek refuge in Germany, people on the road to village, huge explosion on bridge. 18:29:52 1943 Poles sent from Iran to Siberia return to Iran; church service to celebrate their liberation, various pictures of starved bony children. Freed Poles join Soviet Army, women soldiers to fight Nazis. Man in cave, printing press; resistance organizers paint anti-Nazi writings on walls; fascist cross hanged, big cut out Hitler's image hung in effigy on post. Long lines of refugees flee from Russia & Rumania, people in horse carriages, on foot. Camel carriages, Fins on the move, kids in horse carriage, people pack up belongings. Map shows Fins fleeing & coming back to their country due to Russian takeover in 1939 & 1941 &1944. 18:31:50 Night battle, fiery shooting, explosions, soldiers load guns, one looks straight into the camera, big smoke. Rockets. 18:32:11 Refugees, war prisoners thru city on horse carriages, cars. High angle East Prussia, refugee crowds queue to board ship, people in the boats, children on board w/ cups of milk, soldier holds boy. 18:32:42 Overloaded ships in convoys, soldiers look thru binoculars, sinking ship, people in rescue boat, wreckage on water. East Prussia, frozen lake; refugees on shore & cross frozen lake in horse carriages & foot, shots of partly sunk carriages in the broken ice, dead horse, bomb shattered carriages, various shots of dead people. 18:33:47 Night attack on Dresden; battle field at night, flashing fire bombs in the air, explosions, still shots of huge smoke in the city, streets covered w/ dead, huge stack of corpses for burning, high angle city in ruins. WWII Europe History; WW2;

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