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Gift For Lenin, A

Reel Number: 221425-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1969

Country: Dagestan,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 00:52:25

TC Ends: 01:03:01

Duration: 00:10:36

A Gift For Lenin North Caucasus Newsreel Productions English narration Pan across picturesque valley & mountain scenery. Helicopter flying over remote village in Dagestan in Caucasus Mountains. Village street scenes - very old buildings - van & moped thru narrow streets - old men talking. Old man w/ traditional hat walks in hills w/ young grandson - VO re Russian Revolution. 00:54:45 Moscow - Kremlin clock tower - INT office where Lenin received Dagestani delegation in 1921, inc. old man from village. Portraits of four envoys from the village. Traditional handcrafted gifts given to Lenin - impressed w/ skills of craftsmen; portrait of Lenin given in return w/ annotation ‘For Red Dagestan’. 00:56:28 Waterfall; Dagestani craftsmen at work outdoors carving wood w/ various tools- metal inlays added. Craftsmen & women at desks inside workshop. Master craftsmen training young people of village - women “already on a par with the men”. Craftsman w/ elaborate metalwork vase. CUs other objects showing intricate combination of wood & metalwork - VO re medals awarded at international fairs - “But the award they treasure most is Lenin’s praise”. 01:00:22 Old men talking on outdoor terrace, one shows picture of late craftsman who designed gifts for Lenin. Elderly craftsman visits Kremlin, 19Oct68 - shown into Lenin’s study where Dagestanis’ gift of desk set still kept. Helicopter landing in mountain village. End titles over shots of village & winding roads through mountains. Travelogues; USSR; Communism; Folk Art; Workshop; Craftsmanship; 1968; 1960s;

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