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Great Plan, The R2 of 3

Reel Number: 221232-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1970

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,Siberia

TC Begins: 23:00:50

TC Ends: 23:11:34

Duration: 00:10:44

The Great Plan Reel 2 of 3 Dniepra river flowing. Mar27 big explosion, building of the Dniepra hydroelectric station, construction workers. 10Oct32 Band playing, Stalin, Kalinin & others arrive for dedication. Kalinin, French writer,communist Henri Barbusse, Stalin & others speak (MOS). Reporters, CUs listeners. Working machinery in the new hydroelectric station, VIPs w/ Kalinin tour dam. CU power station. 23:03:08 WWII, CU painting w/ soldier, troops march, warplanes in air. Ruins of dams & power stations. Volkov power station at dark, trucks on Lake Ladaga. Restoration work on Dnieper dam. People greet returning soldiers, fire works, electrician high on the power line cables, CU power line construction, big construction part picked up & delivered by helicopter, other power line constructions. 23:04:58 Int. atomic power station, control panels, ext. Beloyarsk power station, int station, big new reactor assembled. People work in atomic power station’s control room; station buildings from various angles. Reactor model, high angle big machinery in power station, control panel; people work in the control room. 23:06:08 Big shovels at frozen construction site, workers weld, people on the street. Smoke out of house chimneys, power station model. Huge construction of Leningrad atomic power station, welding, LS station. POV helicopter carrying construction part, shots of construction at various power stations, shots of various stations ext. & int., big machinery, control panel room, huge chimney, CU workers near huge turbine. Thermal power stations w/ turbines moving. 23:08:07 Contractors working on construction plans. Worker looks at first Soviet hydroturbine. 23:08:47 Huge unit delivered by ocean freighter, ship on water. CU unit, man at control panel starts new turbine. Various shots of new Krasnoyarsk 10th unit in operation, shots of turbines, high angle station hall, LS dam. Very powerful water stream out of dam, high angle worker on dam bridge, shot up to worker in crane. Bear up tree, tiny kittens carried in bowl, people move into houses in newly built Divnagorsk town, trucks & yard w/ furniture, high angle of new town surrounded by mountains, young people walk singing on street w/ guitar, little girl in the flower field. 23:10:34 High angle boat on water, CU sparkling water, sun shines over mountains on to a water. Village of Shushenskoye, kids enter school, CU remembrance plate saying Lenin lived in this village from 1898 - 1900. Speed boat on river, opening of Shusenskoye hydroelectric station construction site, cut the ribbon, applause, shot of big engraving on the rocks - ‘Lenin's wishes come true’, big construction parts moved w/ cranes, CU men work on the Dam construction, LS big supporter crowds on the shore. NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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