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Hungarian delegation visits Moscow

Reel Number: 221084-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1957

Country: Hungary,Russia,USSR

Location: Budapest,Moscow

TC Begins: 09:55:58

TC Ends: 10:01:03

Duration: 00:05:05

Hungarian delegation visits Moscow Plane arrives at snowy Moscow airport. Delegation led by Hungarian Communist Party General Secretary Janos Kadar off plane, greeted by Soviet officials inc. Khruschev - past applauding crowd to photocall & speeches by ?? & Kadar. Troops march past in review - appear to be goose-stepping. VIPs away in motorcade. 09:57:28 High pan across Kremlin. INT Soviet & Hungarian officials meeting & greeting. Discussion around table - Kadar smoking cigarette. 09:58:17 Hungarian delegation touring Moscow area - Kadar looks at baby piglets on farm - Russians lining street applauding passing official party. Kadar making speech brief. 09:58:36 Top shot crowd of military & civilians at Budapest airport - Hungarian & Soviet flags. LS plane comes in to land. Top shot rows of soldiers standing to attention. Kadar & returning delegates off plane Russian, greeted by ? Speeches by ? & Kadar. CU rows of Hungarian troops holding Tommy guns / machine guns & listening to Kadar. Applause; little girls give flowers to officials; Kadar shakes hands w/ civilians. Post-WWII Hungary. USSR. 1950s.

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