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Lenin’s Funeral; Pre-Revolution & Moscow

Reel Number: 221359-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1921,1910s,1920s

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 14:54:02

TC Ends: 15:01:29

Duration: 00:07:27

Lenin’s Funeral; Pre-Revolution & Moscow 14:54:02 Russians carrying Lenin’s (?) coffin in winter snow in long procession; many people watch. Soldiers w/ rifles alongside, Krupskaya seen. Up steps in Kremlin followed by wreathes, pictures. Widow by coffin; Lenin lying in state. CUs of many VIPs including Stalin. Many people filing past. 14:56:40 Carrying coffin onto platform in Red Square. Many people march past in snow & cold w/ banners. People fill square in cold. GOOD. 14:58:30 Revolution (?) War destruction; dead in snow. Burial in large pit. Priest performing rites at cemetery, to group standing. 14:59:11 Line of well dressed women in winter coats on sidewalk outside store. 14:59:19 Large car stops as policeman or soldier salutes; Nicholas II (?) gets out in military cap & topcoat. USSR (?) troops getting awards. Nichlas II or ?? talking to soldier as other military VIPs watch. 14:59:44 Russian troops in heavy snow eating. In trench. Marching along snowy road. 15:00:04 Pre-Revolution Russian Officers outside ?? one young boy, all in uniforms. Walk off. 15:00:16 MCU of well dressed man poses, signing paper w/ fountain pen while standing for male secretary (?). 15:00:26 POV Moscow (?) street w/ pedestrians, military & horses pulling sleighs. POV following sleighs & passing. 15;00:51 Rolling Title: re: Petrograd soldiers announcing curfew.. 15:01:04 Overhead shot of government meeting w/ many men at desks in circular rings. Front w/ man standing speaking (?), large painting (?) behind him. 15:01:16 Pre-Soviet Military VIPs, including young boy in uniform, march in front of troops at attention. Ceremony w/ priests & carpet on ground. NOTE: has glitch 14:55:13:10 - 14:55:13:15.

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