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Me and Mr Marshall

Reel Number: 221100-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1948-1953

Country: England,France,Germany,Russia,United Kingdom,USA,USSR UNITED KINGDOM

Location: DC,London,Moscow,Paris,RuhR,Washington

TC Begins: 03:54:09

TC Ends: 04:07:01

Duration: 00:12:52

Me and Mr Marshall Two reels Documentary tracing the Marshall Plan's role in revitalizing Germany's coal industry after WWII. Pan across Ruhr Valley & coal mine. CUs miner drills into coalface. More shots miners at work underground w/ electric drills. Miners watch band play at ceremony for 1000th Ruhr volunteer from US Zone - migrating to Ruhr for new jobs. Miners board train at night - American narration from one miner’s PoV “We were going to the Ruhr for calories, clothes and a roof over our heads, but we didn’t kid ourselves”. 03:56:09 Miners arrive in Ruhr industrial complex - carry belongings into hut for first meal, medical checks & kit distribution. Miners in dormitory & taught about the industry. 03:56:50 Small group of new miners walk to mine after training completed - into elevator carts. Miners at work w/ drills. Dirty miners out fo pit & top shot above shower cubicles - washing. Display of new clothes sold on points system - miners exchange coupons for coffee. German newspaper headlines re Marshall Plan. 03:58:12 US Foreign Minister George Marshall speaking to Congress? Aerials ruined city after WWII - destroyed factories, transport links & docks. Top shot homeless people among ruins w/ salvaged possessions - devastated city scenes w/ superimposed shots of political rallies, fascism etc. Marshall making speech w/ quote superimposed re US cooperation w/ governments assisting in reconstruction efforts. Part Two 04:00:06 VO explaining Marshall Plan & its supporters in Europe: Washington DC street scenes - Big Ben - Tower Bridge - Buckingham Palace - Eiffel Tower - Arc de Triomphe. Soviet refusal to participate - high shots across Moscow & street scenes w/ traffic. 04:00:47 Delegates of 16 countries arrive for meeting re Marshall Plan. Animated map showing Eastern Bloc countries blacked out & marked w/ ‘No!’ - others ‘Yes!’ INT shots of meeting in progress showing many delegates. Montage prewar German industry & destruction of WWII night bombing. Postwar industry shots - VO re vicious circle caused by lack of steel, coal, equipment & food. Factory production line scenes. Miners push coal carts out of mine. 04:03:59 US Congress - Truman at podium - voting for $5billion aid to Europe. Animated map showing how money was distrubuted between countries & breakdown of expenditure. 04:04:57 German trade fair - foreign delegates looking to put Marshall Plan money into German products. Heavy Industry scenes - blast furnace - cotton - docks - bread sold at bakery - street market - household goods in shop window. New locomotive lowered into tracks. Welder at work - heavy machinery. High shots across industrial landscape; miner at work underground - VO “My profession? Just call me a Marshall Planner”. Post-WWII Recovery / Reconstruction. Economic Aid. Europe 1940s - 1950s.

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