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Misc. Lenin Scenes

Reel Number: 221105-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1917-1923

Country: Russia

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 12:51:54

TC Ends: 12:58:34

Duration: 00:06:40

Misc. Lenin Scenes Car speeds thru old courtyard w/ leaflets thrown out, people run to collect them. CU group of people read leaflet. High shot march & demonstration thru street; soldiers & workers w/ rifles; young boys marching. Lenin arrives & walks in Red Square among large crowd. Pan across crowd - St. Basil’s Cathedral in BG. 12:53:33 MS & CU Lenin talking intently to unid. man who has back to camera. Lenin addresses crowd from podium - seen over heads of crowd. Troops march past in review w/ cutaways to Lenin. 12:55:06 Lenin greeted by wellwisher before boarding train? Pan across Kremlin w/ river in FG. Communist Party HQ? 12:55:30 Lenin speaking from balcony in Moscow ? - side shot - cutaways to troops below. 12:56:19 Outdoor gathering in heavy snow in Red Square(?). Lenin in crowd, military band playing; horsemen past covered in snow. MCU Lenin salutes, smiling & marchers w/ banners - troops & tank past. Russia / USSR; Communism; Parades; Revolution Hero;

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