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Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes

Reel Number: 221150-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 06:46:19

TC Ends: 06:53:46

Duration: 00:07:27

Misc. Postwar Moscow Scenes Marshall, Dulles, Clay & other unid. VIPs around table, probably in US Embassy. Moscow ? street scenes - people onto streetcar - clearing snow. US embassy. Orthodox church. Kids stand around in melting snow. More Embassy shots inc. CU plaque on gate. Pedestrians past Embassy & church. 06:47:58 Red Square & Kremlin shots, St. Basil’s Cathedral, few people crossing huge square. Pan down from star on top of Kremlin tower to Lenin’s mausoleum below. View from across river. Traffic & police in Red Square. Statues. Soldiers marching past mausoleum. Elaborate Orthodox churches. 11:50:26 Woman streetcar driver in cab; good shot streetcar past camera, people jump on. Pedestrians on street - shop window displays - coats & hats. 06:51:08 INT truck factory assembly line. Tractor factory, women & men workers. 06:51:45 Red Square; officers outside Red Army HQ. INT officers on stairs; officer looks at statue of Stalin talking to Lenin. Schoolkids on tour shown display of captured Nazi flags & banners w/ swastikas. Officers play chess & dance w/ women in ballroom. 06:52:42 People queue at entrance to Lenin’s mausoleum; group exit mausoleum; line stretching round Red Square. High shots across Moscow - hazy weather - little traffic. Post-WWII Russia / USSR. Street Scenes. Communism;

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