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Misc. USSR - First 5-Year-Plan - Parades - Famine

Reel Number: 220674-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s-1920s

Country: France ?,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 06:29:18

TC Ends: 06:37:31

Duration: 00:08:13

Misc. USSR - First 5-Year-Plan - Parades - Famine Stalin, Kalinin, Voroshilov & other men sitting round table & standing in group talking - Supreme Economic Council discussing forced industrial drive - first 5 Year Plan. 06:30:05 Crowd of people; high shots parade past Lenin’s wooden tomb - early. 06:30:50 New Soviet troops pledge allegiance to the Government - military parade - tanks and troops - recruits take oath. Parade with CU of people in parade wearing large masks over their heads - cardboard tanks - top shots crowd. 06:31:49 The People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs - Litvinov, Krestinski, Karakhan, Stromoniakov - men sitting round table talking. 06:32:06 Snowy street scenes - sleighs - people waiting in line - soldier on sentry duty in snow, St. Basil’s Cathedral in BG; CU soldier w/ tall bearskin hat; pan across Kremlin in snow. 06:33:45 Crowds of people demonstrating in street French shop signs; soldiers (some on horseback) keeping them in order. High shot people march past and priest blesses them; CU soldier on horseback; people line street to watch parade. Pan across group of soldiers / officers sitting & standing. Officer talks to troops standing to attention in background. CU group of men in winter coats. 06:36:29 CU cobbler mending a shoe, people watching him 06:36:38 Lenin giving speech - side shot & brief front CU. 06:36:53 Trotsky in leather jacket, trousers & cap & young boy standing on prow of ship as it sails. Brief shot future? Soviet officials in army uniform, one speaking - inc. very young looking Voroshilov. 06:37:06 Famine - people selling possessions at street market; old lady standing on street selling her wares; digging for roots in the snow; GVs street market. Russia. Communist Party. Poverty.

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