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Moscow And Leningrad

Reel Number: 221422-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Leningrad - ST,Moscow,Petersburg

TC Begins: 19:11:56

TC Ends: 19:24:56

Duration: 00:13:00

Moscow And Leningrad International Film Bureau - Russian Language series - Photographed by Julien Bryan Russian commentary - very basic for language teaching purposes. 19:12:22 Civilians walk thru Red Square, Lenin’s mausoleum & Kremlin in BG. Kremlin. Group of schoolgirls outside church - pan up to ornate cupolas. Tourists look at cannon & giant 18th Century bell sculpture w/ piece cut out. Pan across Red Square; tourists in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral. 19:14:44 High shot Moscow street scenes w/ busy traffic. Driver waits by taxi. POV inside moving car - traffic lights / peddestrian crossing Stand & Walk. 19:16:50 Shop window display w/ clothes mannequins, bicycle, television, toys - EXT GUM department store opposite Kremlin; INT main hall of GUM w/ glass roof - shoppers on vars levels. 19:18:49 INT Moscow Metro - down escalators - commuters in ornate marble hallways lit by chandeliers - train arrives on platform - commuters standing up inside carriage grainy. EXT construction work - cranes above rooftops. Women bricklaying & drilling pavement w/ power tools for repair. Men laying stones as bed for new road. 19:21:30 Roadside gas station outside city; single red petrol pump & truck driver fills up - good CU pump w/ large moving dial. CU car driver filling up. PoV from car approaching bridge towards Leningrad. Animated map shows distance between cities. 19:23:00 Leningrad / St. Petersburg street scenes; civilians along sidewalk as four red & white buses pass. Traffic scenes inc. streetcars - Nevsky Prospekt? - people onto bus inc. soldiers. 19:24:21 Formal gardens w/ lines of fountains. The End. Travelogues; Tourism; Post-WWII Russia / USSR; Subway / Underground; Cold War; Language Studies;

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