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Northern Lights R5 of 5

Reel Number: 221672-05

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1934-1968

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Arctic,Komi Republic,Moscow,north pole

TC Begins: 03:41:34

TC Ends: 03:51:43

Duration: 00:10:09

Northern Lights R5 of 5 Village in northern USSR - Sami ? villagers. INT village school - kids learning Russian, teacher repeats words in native tongue & little boys act out scene in Russian at front of class; VO says they will go to study in Moscow or Leningrad when they are older. 03:43:33 Fishing on riverbank at sunset; group cooking around campfire inc. Yevgeny Katayov. Cut to Katayov in Moscow, Kremlin in BG - President of Komi Republic, west of Urals. INT Katayov at meeting w/ President of Russian Federation Mikhail Yasnov ? & Presidents of other Republics. Moscow street scenes inc. University in BG. 03:45:00 Weather report heard over shots of cold northern regions in Summer. Soviet research station on drifting ice floe at North Pole - scientists w/ monitoring equipment on Arctic wasteland - VO re establishment of Great Northern Sea Route from Murmansk to Vladivostok. 03:46:49 1934 b/w footage of steamship Chelyuskin trapped in Arctic - crewmen digging away ice - supplies unloaded & ship abandoned - crew rescued by Soviet pilots as ship sinks, crushed by ice. (GOOD) 03:48:35 Various shots modern icebreakers making way along northern sea route; helicopters take off from deck; VO reads 1912 diaries of ill-fated explorer Georgy Sidov. INT ship’s galley, chefs preparing food. Montage showing faces of people of the North seen in film - Sami herders, students, fishermen, scientists, politicians etc. End titles. Russia / USSR; Travelogues; Ethnography; Extreme Weather; Lapland; Ethnic; Exploration; Geography; Arctic; Cold; 1960s; 1968; NOTE: very good shots of ship(s) thru pack ice & ice-breakers.

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