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Paranormal Science Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221213-09

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1969

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Georgia,Moscow

TC Begins: 11:08:02

TC Ends: 11:17:37

Duration: 00:09:35

Glass plate w/ coin mirror image on it, hand slides past, coin stays on it, mirror turns, image disappears, turns back w/ image of 2 small robots on it, turns again robots gone. Mirror turns, image of ceramic head appears and disappears. Woman takes cup away from mirror, moves it. Title. 11:09:08 Special effects. Flame in the dark, lights up engraved animals on stone wall. 11:09:26 Camera past people in art class, draw woman’s portrait, model sits in front of the room. Shots of various paintings. Photograph appearing in colored water. Photographs w/ athlete, chicken, man waterskiing, horseback riding. 11:09:56 Inside cinema, showing on the big screen car w/ Japanese flags drives through street, men w/ hunting dogs. Sculpture works on big stone piece on turntable. Close shot of artist. 11:10:27 Two candles in holders w/ glass between them, one lighted up mirror image on glass- 2nd one looks on too, hand plays w/ imaginary flame. 1st candle taken away & flame on 2nd one is gone too. 11:11:01 Shop window w/ decorations, in glass images of passing people, cars are reflected. 11:11:15 Cars drive at night, road w/ small lights on sides, black sky w/ few stars. Doors open huge telescope inside, shot of starry sky, man looks thru telescope, black sky just one star. Huge chandelier lights up in dark room. City street at night w/ lights on street, shop signs lighted up. Light on rose vase in dark. 11:12:04 Sculpture featuring man w/ guitar shown in various lighting. Waves in the sea, shot freezes and continued few times. 11:12:33 Abstract recording technique, laser light on small tower models. Scientist & professor Andrei Mihailian(?) speaks (SOF) of new recording system - holography(?) invented by British physicist Dennis Gabor (Nobel Prize Winners, 1971), picture of inventor. Holography explained - small ceramic sculpture of animal & girl, shown from various angles, pictures taken, 2 photography’s compared. Holography recording - top shot of sculpture, hand put behind recorded image. 11:14:23 Close up of water in lake, little stones thrown in one after another - ripples on the water. Same effect tried in small bowl of water w/ electric device, close up of lighting of waves. Light waves shown, 2 light circles slide together. Man works w/ holographic recorder. Two identical light rays pointed on recording object - head sculpture, shot of tape after recording. Laser ray - recorded sculpture shown from various angles. 11:17:13 Man looks through hologram pointing it towards light. Puts plate on recorder, various images shown on the same plate. Photography; Laser; Scientist; Photographic techniques; Inventors; Inventions; Scientists;

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