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Peace To You Planet Earth Pt.1 of 3

Reel Number: 221269-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1973

Country: Cambodia,Northen Ireland,Rhodesia,Russia,South Africa,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 21:56:11

TC Ends: 22:06:08

Duration: 00:09:57

World Congress of Peace Forces: Peace To You Our Planet Earth Pt 1 of 5 25-31Oct73 Scenics: sky, clouds, waterfall, exotic beach, aerials of nice country side fields, river, woods. Beautiful sunset over lake. Little girl play w/ ant(?) on her hand. Birds fly over lake. 21:57:37 War scenes in Middle East, bombs, explosions, building on fire, dead bodies, huge smoke goes up in the air (Yom Kippur War). War in Cambodia, two young boys cover their ears. Buildings on fire in Northern Ireland. Protesters in masks, glasses. Police w/ dogs. Scenes of atrocities from Rhodesia, South Africa, Mozambique. Police fire tear gas into protesting crowds. Officers kick captured black guys. Black woman screams, tries to hit policeman. Collapsed guy pulled by arms. Injured Protesters.. 21:59:03 Close ups of different national people, destroyed cities. Various demonstrations “US out of Vietnam”. Winter & newly weds pay respects at war memorial (?). 22:06:16 25Oct73 Representatives of more than 1000 organizations, parties, movements from 143 countries walk in Moscow street during World Congress of Peace Forces. Various nationality people walk down street together, enter Kremlin Palace. Introduction speeches by delegates from Scotland, Vietnam, Leningrad, Japan, Kenya, India, US, Cuba, Ethiopia. 22:03:55 Congress begins. Leaders of national and international peace organizations, all stand & applaud on stage. Soviet Communist party & Government leaders w/ Brezhnev as guests of honor. 22:04:33 Speech by International proprietary committee chairman, R. Chandra(?) (SoF). People watch Congress on television. Audience listen w/ ear phones, make notes. All rise & applaud. Anti-Vietnam War; Communist Peace Conference; Vietnamese War; 1970s; Cold War; Communism; Propaganda; Delegates; Inhumanity;

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