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Pioneers #10

Reel Number: 221421-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971

Country: Canada,Moldova,Russia,USSR

Location: Belisa,moldavia,Moscow,Yaroslavsky

TC Begins: 16:56:00

TC Ends: 17:05:14

Duration: 00:09:14

Pioneers #10 “Pioneer March” 02Oct. young pioneer celebration meeting, CU children in big hall, kids give reports to pioneer leader about past year’s achievements. 16:57:01 Moldavian young pioneers in grape harvest, kids pick grapes, CU big buckets w/ grapes. 16:57:30 Children in school museum founded by young pioneers. CU various exhibits that young pioneers have brought in museum from their expeditions. 16:57:52 Belisa, kids in the crafts class, boys make wooden ship & plane models; planes tested in the field. 16:58:19 Pioneers in classroom, CU pupil studying, young pioneers listen to their guest, honored citizen of their city. 16:58:41 Yaroslavsky region, pioneers work on railway, kids wash train carriages, check railway lines, show the card to passing train; young girl as a train driver, train on the railway. children wave from train windows. 16:59:18 Moscow pioneers in white gowns in toy factory make toys for Vietnamese friends. Girls work on sewing machines, make soft toys, doll dresses, pack the toys, CU Address on the pack - Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Education Ministry. 16:59:38 Pioneers in meeting hall listen to announcement from Moscow on the loudspeaker, CU children, all salute. 17:00:21 “Miklukho Maklaya” CU portrait of Russian traveler & scientist Nikolay Nikolayevich Miklukho Maklay who scientifically proved all human beings are equal no matter skin color, picture of scientist & African boy. 17:00:40 Ship on water, drawings of Miklukho on the ship’s “Vityaz” board on its way to New Guinea island, various drawings of scientist spending time w/ Papuans, Miklukho Maklay’s book where he researched & explained Papuans, CU various drawings, pictures. Ship arrives now 100 yrs. later; team of scientists visit New Guinea. CU kids on island, small boat leaves ship, palm trees, big heap of coconuts, man cuts them open; people on bench near house, kids smiling to camera, CU sculpture of scientist, book of Miklukho Maklay’s compositions and findings. 17:02:55 “Debate about New Film” Fragment from new cartoon: “ Hello, I can hear you”. Children watch cartoon on big screen. Film’s producer speaks (SOF) w/ children, asks their opinion about new cartoon, CU kids telling what they liked about the film. The End. Communist Youth Groups; Communism; Anthropology; Discovery;

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