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Post-WWII - 1947 Moscow Meeting w/ George Marshall Statement; US Embassy & Street Scenes

Reel Number: 250049-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1947

Country: Germany,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 00:40:34

TC Ends: 00:48:41

Duration: 00:08:07

Post-WWII - 1947 Moscow Meeting w/ George Marshall Statement; US Embassy & Street Scenes LS Men around table w/ lights & cameras seen; MS John Foster Dulles, Gen. Mark Clark in uniform, ??, George Marshall, ??, George Kennan , General Clay (in uniform). MCUs & CUs. Looking at papers. 00:41:17 ?? walks past column, shakes hands w/ Gen. Clark, MCU. CU (Russian?). 00:41:39 MLS men at table. MCU. 00:43:26 CU George Marshall, SOF: We’re engaged in negotiations that affect the peace of the entire world; naturally we are quite conscious of the tremendous responsibility to the American people that rests on us, doing these negotiations. Up to the present time there has been, I might say, more of frankness than of progress but that is rather to be expected. In a matter of such grave consequence as this, with many differing points of view & differing interests, a great deal of patience & forbearance is necessary. Each group, each delegation, has the interest of its own country closely at heart. That is quite natural; to be expected. But at the same time we must find a common ground for the good of all mankind. 00;44:42 LS Kremlin wall & buildings behind. LS past small boy. Kremlin seen from across river, cars past. Dark day, dusk. Closer shot of buildings in Kremlin. 00:45:31 Woman turning jumping rope while girl jumps People boarding electric bus. Dump truck & women working on pavement. Pedestrians. Kids in park posing for camera, Kremlin behind. CU pan. 00:46:02 MS US Embassy (brief). Kremlin churches & towers. Kids play beside snow pile. US Embassy & unid. building w/ snow piled outside. 00:46:52 CU Emblem of USA Embassy. 00:47:01 Woman walking w/ small child on snow covered path. Women & children in snow-covered park, pose outside US Embassy. Pedestrians along muddy / wet street. Neighborhood church. Cold War; Post-WW2 - Conference; Diplomacy; Diplomats; German Occupation Negotiations;

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