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Reel Number: 221274-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1958

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 16:43:22

TC Ends: 17:05:52

Duration: 00:22:30

Russia International Film Foundation View across the river, people walking; domes of Kremlin churches. Czar footage; military band leading troops in Red Square. Czar w/ cossacks. Wealthy on lake or pond. People washing at outdoor trough; workers on Volga River packing fish. Men & boys eating from communal bowl. Women eating at table & drinking from bowls; posing or camera. Two old women. Woman reading letter sitting on bed; others threading needle. 16:47:06 Women at church w/ candles, icons, praying. Ukraine & religious procession thru winter snow w/ pennants. Priests blessing peasants. 16:48:05 Russia map. Samarkand Great Mosque of Moslem. Moslems at prayer. Ruins & donkeys. Farmers working fields, women hoeing; Combines pulled by bulldozer & loading trucks. Grapes harvested, cattle tended. Fruit harvest; open market selling fruitt & vegetables. Women shopping in small state owned store. 16:50:49 Winter village, winching buckets up & pouring water into trough. Man unloading sacks of grain. Feeding chickens. Truck w/ logs thru village; sawmill; house building; sled building. Tracker repair works & mechanics working. Workers in heavy industry. 16:53:42 Steam engine pulling pipes & tractors on flatcars in railroad yard. 16:54:08 City street w/ pedestrians; working & street scenes. Large housing construction. Women welding & crane operators; sweeping streets & washing them. Large poster of Stalin. Tashkent cotton textile works; looms. Sign re 20th Party Congress (1956). 16:55:46 GUM department store, ext. & int. People walking through, standing & looking. Street scene w/ cars & trucks in Moscow. Window shopping in small stores. People shopping for shoes. Liquor store window. Kids on ice & fishermen. Skiing. To school w/ book bags in rural village; kids in class. English class; university & science classes at Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Reading in scientific library; medical treatment & school. Sports stadium & matches w/ CU of spectators. 17:01:26 Moscow University w/ students into building. Scientists & atomic particle accelerator. Atomic icebreaker. Model of sputnik; atomic power station & operators. Electrical distribution power lines. Flyover of fighter jets & in air. Military; tourists at Kremlin. American students meeting w/ Soviets. Views of Moscow Kremlin at twilight. The End. Anti-communism; Cold War; Capitalism; Propaganda; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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