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Russian News of the Day 1959 #08 February

Reel Number: 221329-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Azerbaijan,Germany,Russia,USSR,West Germany

Location: Azerbaijan,Berlin?,Kamchatka,khabarovsk,Moscow,tula

TC Begins: 11:42:30

TC Ends: 11:52:59

Duration: 00:10:29

Russian News of the Day #08 1959 February Khrushchev’s visit to Tula: in open top car thru Tula’s snowy streets filled w/ crowds. K. visits Soviet Arms Factory, greeted by factory workers, shakes hands w/ factory veterans, pose for photograph. 11:43:48 Culture Palace of Railway workers, Khruschev on stage presents Tula region w/ Lenin Prize, city’s flag decorated w/ order, audience applaud. K.’s speech (SOF) gives best wishes to citizens, praises USSR government, friendship between nations & peace in the world; shot of large Lenin portrait on the wall. 11:45:14 Azerbaijan, cement factory, smoking chimneys, train w/ heavy loaded cars arrives w/ raw materials. Automatic machinery & workers. Man in control room. Sacks of cement on conveyor belts. 11:46:13 Submarine at sea, captain looks around w/ binoculars & quickly enters & closes hatch. Shots inside submarine 557, sailor answers captain’s order, complicated control panels. Shot of ship slowly going under water. Various CU sailors operate controls, men talk at small table inside the ship. High angle submarine in water. 11:47:34 Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) coal crisis, workers demonstration along sidewalk. High angle coal factory, huge coal pile. Workers protest job cuts due to coal importing from US, demonstrators w/ banners & flags. 11:48:18 Kremlin, Soviet Deputy Chairman Rashidov meets Mongolian People’s Republic’s Ambassador, delegates exchange papers, shake hands. 11:48:53 Kamchatka, fishing (?) boat in water, picture of early Kamchatka. Winter, sign: State Pedagogue Institute, young people on street, enter University building. Physics class, CU students & teacher. Woodworking lesson, students work w/ plane, hammers & other tools. 11:49:50 Moscow, exhibition of Uzbek artists; people in exhibition hall, CU painting of Khruschev w/ Uzbek farmers in big field. People looking at paintings, sculptures, ornate carpets, glassware. 11:50:44 Khabarovsk region, winter woodland, hunters w/ dogs thru deep snow; dog runs to dead tree & barks. Hunters look at tree, one knocks on it w/ axe, puts ear to the tree, keeps pounding & looks up to hollow. Men run back from tree & look up, bear comes out of hollow & quickly climbs down & runs, gun shots fired, bear falls. Men gather around the bear, smoke a cigarette. Hunters carry animal home thru woods. 11:51:54 “Winter Fancy”. Moscow’s Sports Palace, 1st performance of Soviet ice ballet ensemble. Group of girls in long dresses dance on skates in line on ice. Other couples perform dance w/ complicated lifts.Women skaters perform Russian folk dance. (suddenly ends)

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