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Russian News of the Day 1959 #13 March

Reel Number: 221171-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Germany,Russia,USSR

Location: Crimea,Dortmund,Krim,Leningrad,Moscow,Tataria

TC Begins: 18:04:43

TC Ends: 18:15:09

Duration: 00:10:26

Russian News of the Day 1959 #13 March 12th Meeting of Trade Union. High angle Kremlin, top shot of audience, Chairman Grishin on podium introduces Communist Party’s Secretary Kirichenko, all rise & applaud. High angle stage. Kirichenko speech (SOF), gives Party’s official greetings, applause, high angle speaker, various shots audience applaud. Chairman Grishin on podium, various shots of delegates, listen w/ earpieces, audience applaud. 18:06:50 “Tataria. Following the Great Plan.” Bulldozer in winter field, oil drilling derrick, men fix pipes, run to drill hole & wait, wheel opened & oil pours out of pipe, team leader shakes workers hands, man puts his hand in the oil & checks it, CU workers, men smile, shake hands. 18:07:49 High angle people on street past factory w/ smoking chimneys. Men in tire factory introduced, CU workers, man opens large machine & takes out truck or equipment tire & checks it. (21:09:26) CU letters. Men sit at the table, go through letters from people supporting their work, shot of camera man filming them. Men give interview (SOF), promise to reach the 7-year-plan’s goals before the set time. Shot of voice tape recorder, reels turning, interviewer. 18:09:03 ‘Abroad’. ‘Towards atomic death’. West Germany. Road sign - Nurnberg 10 km. Big US & English army trucks on the road pulling w/ nuclear cannons/weapons on trailers, parked trucks. Germans w/ posters protest w/ demonstration & march thru Dortmund streets. Near Dortmund's airport people have sit-down protest on road w/ big poster of Hiroshima. 18:09:55 Leningrad. Unveiling of monument for scientist, inventor of radio, Alexander Popov in city square. sheet pulled off monument, CU writing on the memorial, people lay flowers, shot of statue. Inventions. 18:10:40 Moscow, memorial remembrance plaque for pilots of Escadrille Normandie-Niemen visited by French newsreel cameramen for filming of feature film. High angle of airport for film setting of Soviet-French movie Normandie-Niemen, CU producers going through scripts, CU cameramen, actors on the set. Motion Pictures. Movies. 18:11:37 South Krim. Crimea. Wintery field up in the mountains, long icicles on side of waterfall, spring, rocky sea side w/ waves breaking. People in indoor swimming pool at spa, men sunbathe on coast, high angle seaside health resort. People on the street near sanatorium walking, CU old man smiling, busy street, high angle coast, seagulls flying over water, ships on the coast. 18:12:34 ‘Sport’. Figure ice-skating, shots of 1st prize winners performances, acrobatics & dancing - Tatjana Lihoreva, Lev Mihailov & couple Nina & Stanislav Zhuk, audience applaud. 18:14:02 ‘Bulgarian theater in Moscow’. Book w/ theater cast pictures, scenes from play “Buntarskaja Pesna”. People on stage folk-dance, audience applauds, another shot of play, curtains close, applause. The End Nuremberg; 1950s;

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