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Russian News of the Day 1962 #20 May

Reel Number: 221328-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Brazil,Bulgaria,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,Rio De Janeiro,VARNA

TC Begins: 09:41:55

TC Ends: 09:52:01

Duration: 00:10:06

Russian News of the Day 1962 #20 May ‘Celebrations of Brotherly Friendship’. Bulgaria, Khrushchev in open car thru city filled w/ cheering crowds, people take pictures, huge sign welcomes Dear Khruschev across road, people on roadside wave. K. greeted w/ traditional bread & salt, kisses bread, pulls off little piece, smiles, high angle crowds. K. & USSR & Bulgarian delegation walks thru street, shipyard; K. on podium,smiles & waves, ship construction workers applaud, cheer. K. & factory leader exchange presents - ship models, applause, cheer. Varna, square w/ huge crowd, K. & VIPs on balcony. K. given traditional hat, puts it on, applause. Bulgarian republic’s chairman Anton Yugov on podium w/ K. who smiles, thanks for a warm welcome; Varna Soviet Chairman presents Khrushchev w/ diploma of city’s guest of honor, kiss, high angle cheering crowds. 09:44:48 ‘Famous Anniversary’. Kremlin, big hall, 40th anniversary of Soviet Pioneers in name of Lenin. CU pioneers applaud to flag brought in, shots of audience. Speaker reads out Khrushchev’s letter, standing applause. Brezhnev presents Pioneers w/ Order of Lenin, pins it to Pioneer flag, applause, high angle stage, CU big portrait of Lenin on the wall. Chairwoman of Central Committee of Pioneer organization Balasnaya(?), applause. Children give flowers & put Pioneer tie around necks of Brezhnev & other VIPs. Group of Pioneers at microphone (SOF) shout out enthusiastically that they are always ready to follow their party, high angle applauding audience. 09:46:47 Int. Kremlin, LS stage, Lenin's Order ceremony for Literature & Art public figures, Writer Nikolay Thihonov at the microphone presents various artists w/ Lenin prize, applause, CU prize winners. 09:47:39 Moscow, ext. museum building, int. exhibition of Marx & Engels: various paintings, pictures telling Marx & Engels life story, shots of their personal belongings, book library. 09:48:24 Plane lands on Arctic ice, boxes unloaded. Scenes from first days on North Pole 11 station, people prepare tent, enter it, man at telegraph, sends & receives signals. Scientists surveying, make notes, plane takes off, team waves to last aircraft, high angle camp on the ice field. 09:49:25 Moscow’s Sport Palace, All Union Gymnastics competition, audience applauds, high angle 1st prize winner gymnast performs on pole, applause. Female gymnast runs up to horse & jumps over it, applause, shots of performance on poles, high angle various jumps, applause. Winning team presented w/ main prize by Newspaper ‘Pravda’. 09:50:38 ‘Soviet Exhibition in Brazil’. Rio de Janeiro street scenes, people crowds gather outside trade fair gates. Ribbon cutting opening of trade show, people view exhibits of cars, ship models, machinery, space. The president of Brazil Joalo Goulart attends the exhibition, CU Goulart, VIP’s delegation w/ president Goulart and USSR Trade minister Potolechev, walk through trade fare, high angle exhibition halls filled w/ people. NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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