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Russian News of the Day 1962 #27 July

Reel Number: 221171-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Algeria,Kazakhstan,Russia,USSR

Location: Kazakhstan,Moscow,Oran

TC Begins: 18:26:10

TC Ends: 18:36:45

Duration: 00:10:35

Russian News of the Day 1962 #27 July ‘Transmission of Khruschev on TV and Radio’. Moscow, 02Jul61, high angle Kremlin. Khrushchev reads speech (SOF), speaks of party members visits to foreign countries, tells about his visit to Romania. CU loud speaker, people gather around car, listen to radio, CU people’s faces, group of people watch Khrushchev’s speech on TV monitors in store display. CU Khruschev continues, salutes Soviet - Romania friendship. 18:28:12 ‘The biggest in the country’. Large electrical generating plant under construction, crane lowering large pieces into place. Cooling tubing & turbine pieces installed. Power lines across fields. 18:29:15 State library in name of Lenin selebrates 100th anniversary, CU name plate, building. People on huge stairs inside; CU women sorting books in stacks & at card catalog. Large reading room w/ CUs of people at work. Celebration in large meeting hall, huge portrait of Lenin on the stage. Writer Sobolev on podium, audience applause. Greetings from government by Communist Party Secretary Iljihov, applause. Swish pan to completely destroyed ‘Penati’ - house of famous Russian painter Repin. People outside newly rebuilt ‘Penati’ museum. President of Science Academy cuts the ribbon, people look around restored Repin house w/ art work on walls, shot of painters desk, archival footage / flashback of painter at work, last self portrait, palate w/ paints and brushes. Shot of people outside ‘Penati’ house. 18:31:19 Kazakhstan pea harvest, swather thru field, CU tractor driver, shot of big field w/ peas cut & drying in big lines. Combine threshes peas from cut row, dumps them into large wagon, man on carriage picks up handfull of peas. Shot of big field. 18:32:15 Cattle in pasture, lots of flies & mosquitoes in the air. Big army amphibious truck thru field, lets out huge white cloud of chemicals (DDT?) that to kill flies, but doesn’t harm humans, animals & birds. Shots of huge white cloud covering fields & woods. Huge chemical cloud spreads over water. 18:32:57 ‘Algerian said yes’. Oran, Algeria, dark smoke cloud over city & houses, people on the street around stacks of burning furniture, clothes. Algerian women smile wave at camera, big lines of people gather to vote for country’s liberation, Arab women all dressed in white, people place their votes as army watches, various shots of people - applaud, celebrate, run through streets w/ flags, high angle of residenial homes. 18:33:58 ‘Sport’. 14 country flags flying in long line, spectators crowds around. World championship cross country motorcycle race, various shots of bikes riding through difficult race track, up & down huge hills, some fall down. Winner crosses finish line, racers clean their faces from mud, smile. 18:35:16 ‘Guandunsky circus in Moscow’. Chinese circus performers in arena, Chinese girl welcomes public in Russian (SOF), audience applaud. Shots of various circus performances, big furry costumes, artists juggle w/ plates, men spin tables w/ their feet, acrobats climb poles & do group performances, public applaud. The End

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