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Russian News of the Day 1962 #37 September

Reel Number: 221172-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Russia,Serbia,Ukraine,USSR,Yugolavia

Location: belgrade,Leningrad,Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 21:04:58

TC Ends: 21:15:38

Duration: 00:10:40

Russian News of the Day 1962 #37 September “Warning to Aggressors’. Moscow, factory workers in anti-American meeting in support of Cuba, CU workers, factory workers Anti-American speech (SOF), applause. 21:06:13 Leningrad, factory worker’s protest meeting, placards in support for Cuba, speaker on podium, applause, high angle people & crowds. 21:07:00 Ukraine, women in grain field harvest crop, CU team’s leader true communist - Nadjezhda, makes hay bundles, women listen to Nadjezhdas encouragement. Teams leader walks through corn field w/ collective farms leader, plants higher than they are. Communist Nadjezhda speaks on camera in Ukrainian(SOF), encourages people to be true communist. 21:08:30 ‘Gas pipeline in the mountains’. Big explosion in mountains, trucks carry big pipes, high angle construction site & workers laying pipes, shot of long pipeline through field. Man welds, pipe covered w/ protective coating w/ special machinery, high angle pipeline. 21:09:27 Belgrade, shot thru landing airplane’s window, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Titov exits aircraft, greeted by Yugoslavian VIPs, cheering crowds. Titov on podium, huge crowds of people cheering. Titov in open top car thru city streets filled w/ supporter crowds. people cheer, applaud. Titov waves from car. 21:10:20 Moscow State University, International symposium about highest technical and humanitarian education, high angle delegation on the stage. On podium English professor Sesil Paul(?), CU audience listening w/ earpieces. Deputy Chairman of USSR soviet of ministers Rudnev on the podium, reads out message from Khruschev, applause, various shots of audience w/ earpieces, various nationality speakers on podium, high angle audience. 21:11:30 Odessa port, big crowds greet Soviet liner returning from Havana w/ 400 Cuban students on board coming to study for a year, CU Cuban men, big crowds applaud, cheer. 21:12:07 CU cartoon, famous Dutch comic creator Herluf Bitstrup in Moscow on the street draws fountain, in exhibition draws group of children. House of friendship, Moscow society members greet Bitstrup on 50th birthday, applause, Bitstrup thanks people for making him feel so welcome, signs autographs. 21:13:05 CU trophies, people compete in race in honor of 150th anniversary of Patriotic War. Man fires starting pistol for the start, high angle runners, athletes pass on the race to bicycle riders, then its passed on to athletes in the boat race, and final part of race - running, winning team get prize. 21:14:07 ‘Ensemble Lado in Moscow’. Yugoslavian folk dance ensemble performs on stage, fragments from various dances, stage from various angles, applause. Brezhnev, Kurcova & Yugoslavia ambassador Myatovich in audience on balcony, smile, applaud, public applaud.

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