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Russian News of the Day 1962 #42 October

Reel Number: 221171-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Estonia,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Moscow,tartu,Ukraine

TC Begins: 18:47:25

TC Ends: 18:57:56

Duration: 00:10:31

Russian News of the Day 1962 #42 October ‘Nation’s forever live heroic deed’. Borodinsky field, various paintings feature scenes of 1892 year Patriotic War. People gather outside opening of new museum - round building, in honor of 150st anniversary of Patriotic War. Huge crowds in Borodinsky field gather to remember Borodino battle, CU people’s faces. Gagarin w/ VIPs in the front of crowd. Soldiers put flowers on Patriot War Hero Memorial. Kremlin, Patriotic War’s 150th anniversary meeting, high angle big hall, CU public. Communist Party & government leaders on stage w/ Khruschev & Suslov (?), on the podium board member of Academy of Science - Hvastov, applause, high angle audience. Anniversary concert, military band marches on stage & performs Tchaikovsky’s -”1812 Overture”, various shots of men w/ trumpets, big star raised up & down, fireworks. 18:50:34 ‘’Party’s decisions come true in life”. Steel mill, metallurgy factory, CU workers talk, smile, large machinery, man at controls pouring steel, shots of furnace machinery, fire sparkles, men at control panel cabins, metal plates moved through various machinery, LS factory hall. 18:51:36 Construction of atomic electric station w/ huge chimney, men weld on big tank. CU workers talk, various shots of machinery, big pipes. Electric work high up on power lines & structures. 18:52:33 Kremlin, Khruschev meets Finland President Urho Kekkonen, shake hands, sit at the table, talk, Khrushchev w/ huge smile, photographer in background. 18:53:07 Moscow’s metro celebrates opening of new line, crowds gather in subway, cut the ribbon. VIPs w/ Khrushchev join opening ceremony, children give flowers to Khrushchev, applause. Khrushchev & VIP’s walk thru subway, board train & sit down. Children give flowers to train drivers, filled up train leaves. 18:54:11 Ukraine, beautiful nature, shot of Carpathian mountains, birds on lake, CU owl, deer. 2 bears wrestle, one runs to the young tree & bends it down. Large trees falling, man saws, logs transported by overhead cable, truck w/ logs, high angle lorries. 18:54:54 Tartu, Estonia parents prepare kids for tricycle race thru streets, take coats off, grandmother gives last instructions to little girl, CU kids. Stopwatch, race starts, various shots of kids racing, supporters smile, winner 4 yrs old girl on podium w/ huge wreath of greens around her neck. 18:55:47 “Sport”. World chess championship competing in 1 month long game. 3 year world champion E. Bikova plays to defend her title. Shots of spectators. Man shows games moves on big chess board on stage. One of the players walk around the stage while other thinks, shot of stage. Audience applauds new world champion as presented w/ huge wreath, all applaud, CU winner. 18:56:44 Moscow, world volleyball championship. Teams from 22 countries welcomed in Moscow’s Sports palace hall by chairman of National Volleyball Federation, public applaud. Soviet and Chinese teams, shake hands before game, shots of game, audience applaud. The End

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