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Russian News of the Day 1971 #12 March

Reel Number: 221188-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971

Country: Latvia,Russia,Tajikistan,USSR

Location: Latvia,Moscow,Ogre,Tajikistan

TC Begins: 23:21:09

TC Ends: 23:31:16

Duration: 00:10:07

Russian News of the Day 1971 #12 March 23:21:32 Street scenes in Moscow (GOOD). Kremlin palace 24th Assembly of Soviet Unions Communist Party, delegate registration. Communists of all Soviet nations & all professions debate in huge hall, make speeches, give accounts of reaching government’s set targets (SOF Russian & Ukrainian). Flags of nations. 23:24:27 USSR Volga automobile factory & men work w/ assembly line machinery, every day 450 cars finished, as promised to government. New cars transported on RR. 23:25:44 Spring in Tajikistan. Collective farm’s leading farmer checks apple tree buds, speaks to his team of mechanics before they begin cotton planting; traditionally the planting is started by the eldest & most experienced farmer. Leader speaks about his farm’s targets for this season (MOS). 23:26:55 Donjec, 25 yrs. for machinery inventing institute. Engineers a drafting boards design huge new combines; new drilling & mining equipment is tested, then in coal tunnels. 23:28:04 Ogre, Latvia. Biggest Latvian textile factory. Men & women work w/ huge automated looms & equipment. Finished products put on models. (gag footage w/ garments on flat boards) 23:29:13 Moscow, in honor of 24th assembly of Soviet Unions Communist Party - 5 yr. art and culture exhibition. People look at paintings, sculptures, books, futuristic city models, composer’s music works, photography portrait gallery. Communism; Russian Newsreels;

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