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Russian News of the Day 1971 #19 May

Reel Number: 221372-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971

Country: Canada,East Germany,Georgia,Russia,USSR

Location: Georgia,Moscow,Tiblisi

TC Begins: 12:00:06

TC Ends: 12:10:44

Duration: 00:10:38

Russian News of the Day 1971 #19 May 12:00:30 Tbilisi, Georgia. High angle city view. 50th anniversary of Soviet Power & Georgian Communist Party. Building decorated with banners; city’s concert hall, large celebration meeting of Communist party & Soviet Government leaders w/ Brezhnev & soviet delegations. Opening speeches (MOS) by Party 1st Secretary Mzhivanadze(?) & Brezhnev. Georgia presented w/ award of October revolution. 12:02:03 50th Anniversary parade on city’s streets, crowds walk past party leaders on podium. Children on bicycles, women dressed in white dresses. Pigeons let in air. Shot of Lenin’s statue. 12:02:38 Kremlin palace Meeting of communist leaders incl. Brezhnev, Podgornij (Podgorny), Kosygin & GDR Socialist Party delegates w/ Erich Honecker, & Chairman Willi Stoph. 12:03:39 Government leaders w/ Brezhnev, Kosygin & aviation minister at USSR air show inspect Tupelev TU-144 supersonic plane & helicopters. Transport plane IL-76. Giant helicopter. (GOOD). 12:05:49 Kremlin palace. Kosygin meets Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Photographers take pictures. Brezhnev meets Trudeau, has small meeting. Podgornij in meeting with Trudeau. Kosygin & Trudeau sign protocol of Soviet--Canadian consultations, other delegates applaud. 12:08:25 Moscow. Soviet House large meeting of International Red Cross & Red Crescent. Opening speech by Zaharov (MOD). Public applaud 12:09:14 19May71 USSR Pioneer birthday. Pioneers parade in Red Square & lay wreaths outside Lenin’s Tomb. Kuprejev’s speech. Kids march past. (around 23 million youngsters in Pioneer organization). USSR Politics 1971; Diplomacy; Canada; Youth Group; Soviet Newsreel;

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