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Russian News of the Day 1971 #26 July

Reel Number: 221330-28

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971

Country: Mongolia,Russia,USSR,Uzbekistan

Location: Mongolia,Moscow,Ulan Bator,UZBEKISTAN

TC Begins: 14:08:09

TC Ends: 14:18:08

Duration: 00:09:59

Russian News of the Day July, 1971, #26 5th meeting, USSR writers in Kremlin palace. Multinational representatives of Soviet literature stand & clap in front Brezhnev & leaders of Communist party & USSR government, Lenin's statue behind. Nikolai Tkihonov at podium. Speakers include Georgia Markov (?), Sergey Mihalkov,Vasilij Kazochenko & others named from various republics, w/ shots of people listening. Public stands, applauding. 14:10:38 ‘In Friendly Atmosphere’ Ext. Kremlin palace. Int. Soviet chairman Nikolai Podgornij (Podgorny) welcomes Italy’s Foreign Minister Aldo Moro; shake hands. CUs Meeting room, delegates at long table. Italian minister meets Kosygin, Gromyko & other Government leaders; another meeting. 14:11:52 Ulan Bator, Mongolia city streets, monument. CUs Happy people walking. (14:12:14) Moscow officials celebrate 50th anniversary of Mongolian People’s Revolution. VIPs & Mongolian guests. Jagotkov (?) at podium. Flowers presented by Pioneers; applause. VIPs at podium speak (MOS). Names of honor. 14:13:29 ‘Answering Your Letters’ Gas flame above oil or gas refinery; site of first natural gas (?) storage tank. Shots of workers constructing & welding on steel framework of storage tank; tighten guide wheels. 14:14:26 Uzbekistan, wheat combines, various shots. CUs drivers. Piling grain outside of storage sheds w/ conveyors. 14:15:03 Porcelain china production factory. Machinery & processes making plates, bowls, cups; factory workers decorating dishes w/ hand painting. Displays of all kinds of beautiful china. 14:15:54 USSR Armenian Doctor of Science in Agriculture, Anaida Ananen, in greenhouse showing the different tomatoes she’s developed. Cutting in half huge tomatoes; together w/ others checking the outside field harvest. High angle of hothouses. She is given flowers & awarded the Social Labor Hero. 14:16:45 Sports, athletes from 60 countries take part in cycling competition, 21 times around Moscow, ca.100 km. Streets full of spectators. Bicycle road race thru city’s streets. POV & from various points. Winner - USSR cyclist Valerij Ljevechok(?) presented w/ winners cup.

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