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Russian News of the Day 1971 #37 October

Reel Number: 221328-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1971

Country: Belarus,Peru,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: BeloRussia,kabardino bAlkaria,Lima,Moscow

TC Begins: 10:03:12

TC Ends: 10:13:44

Duration: 00:10:32

Russian News of the Day 1971 #37 October Moscow, high angle city, Kremlin. Kosygin meets Prime Minister of Yemen Ali Naser Muhammad, delegates shake hands, sit at long table, CU Kosygin & Muhammad & other VIPs, photographers take pictures. 10:04:35 Assembling huge open pit mining machine. Workers on steel guide crane lifting beams. Workers look at construction plans. High angle of large machinery, driver high up in control cabin, buckets & conveyors at work from various angles. 10:05:41 ‘CPSU 22nd Congress Decisions in Life’ Aerial of huge bird farm, CU tiny chicks, men check farm building temperature, make notes, feeding machinery & chicks eating. Large chickens, woman puts big rooster on scales, CU birds, tractor w/ bird cages on wagon past camera. 10:06:51 Belorussia, wall ruins, father shows son legendary place where he was protecting city, CU huge WWII war memorial, ex-army soldiers greet each other, hug, kiss, shot of big memorial. People queue & put flowers on war monument, children place their flowers, women cry, shots of war veterans. 1st secretary of Belorussia Communist Party Masherov lights up memorial torch, CU enormous monument, high angle memorial square. 10:08:24 Angela Davis in classroom, in demonstration, in front of crowds w/ loudspeaker, led to court. 10:08:53 Moscow, Anti-American meeting in support of Angela Davis, shot of poster - ‘Stop the shameful court process’. Speakers on podium incl. US Communist Party member James Jackson, Fanny Hauton(?), American singer Dean Reed. Magazine ‘Soviet Woman’ main editor reads out Angela’s message to all Soviet Women, applause, CU picture of Angela Davis. 10:09:30 Moscow, high angle residential area, shots of various tall apartment buildings, LS State university. Soviet architect meeting, Capital’s leading architect Pasohin speaking & delegates look at various new apartment complex models on display, high angle city. 10:10:40 Kabardino Balkaria, corn harvest, CU corn combine, corn poured into wagon, big heaps of corn in outdoor storage pile, workers sort corn, farms leaders check the corn, line of trucks filled w/ corn on the road. 10:11:23 Crafts fair - Lottery, people look at various paintings, decorative ceramics, crystal, people choose lottery tickets, little girl picks her ticket, smiles, CU various decorative ceramics on the display. 10:12:10 Lima, Peru, Sport, 25th World Championship in weightlifting, street scenes, ext competition hall, int. sports, audience, shots of various athletes lifting weights, applause. Photographers take pictures, Strongest man on the planet Vasily Alexeyev sets new world record, audience applaud, photographers, USSR team steps on stage to collect their medals. NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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