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Russian News of the Day 1972 #14 April

Reel Number: 221477-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972



TC Begins: 17:21:01

TC Ends: 17:31:43

Duration: 00:10:42

Russian News of the Day 1972 #14 April Air Force & Space day. 12Apr61 Bayconor(?) Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin boarding space ship on rocket & lift off. Gagarin on podium in Red Square smiling & waving to huge cheering crowd of people walking past w/ posters of him. 17:22:14 Celebrations of 11th anniversary of this in Kremlin palace. Astronauts & pilots on stage greeted with flowers by children. Public applauding. Taking part in celebrations, Brezhnev & other Communist Party leaders. Opening speech by president of USSR Academy of Science Keldish. Others make speeches including USSR space man & pilot Leonov. Public applauding. Brezhnev listening with an ear piece. 17:23:15 Title: In The Interests of the World And Disarming. High angle of city streets. Meeting of officials signing convention to prohibit biological & toxic weapons & to destroy existing stock. Signing & shaking hands from USSR Andrei Gromyko, from ASV Dzeko (Jacob) Bim & from UK John Killick. USSR chairman Podgornij (Podgorny) speaks (MOS) of the big role of Soviet Union in preparation of this convention, others applauding. 17:24:42 Title. Laying of 818 km long oil pipeline in Siberia coming to end. Worker weld the last pipe, photographers take pictures, public watching. Workers greeted by pioneers. Congratulating speeches by USSR officials Legachov & Kartunov, helicopter overhead. Public applauds. Pipes wrapped w/ protective tape. 17:25:42 Leningrad. Building floating fishing factory ship “Poset” to be able to receive at any point in ocean & process up to 750 tons of fish in 24 hr. Inside connecting wires. Ship from outside. 17:26:34 Apr45 Budapest, Hungary. People greet Soviet soldiers in tanks thru streets. View of city w/ Freedom Memorial. Moscow 27th anniversary of this day, opening speech by Borisov. Others make speeches about friendship between Hungarian & USSR incl. Hungarian rep. Ula Rapei (?) who thanks Soviets for freeing his country from fascists. Public stand up & applaud. 17:27:33 Moscow's Academy of Arts & Crafts in name of Kalinin. Students make carpets, decorate ceramics. Handpaint plates, wooden dishes, jewel boxes, traditional nesting dolls. 17:28:22 Police Sgt. E. Kirolova teaches traffic rules & safety to kindergartens. Children w/ toy cars walk on playground roads. Female traffic regulator, busy streets of Riga, Latvia. Cars & trolley buses drive past. Traffic policewoman in car talks on radio, another checks driver’s documents. Female officers stand in row w/ motorbikes behind them & pose for camera. 17:29:12 Karelia(?) Factory workers travel by small plane for weekend winter fishing on Sam Lake. Plane lands on icy lake, people off w/ big bags. Guys drill holes in ice & fish patiently, catch fish & throw on snow w/ smile on faces. Heap of little fish in snow. 17:30:24 Leningrad indoor swimming pool & international swimming competition for prize given by newspaper “Komsomolskaja Pravda”. Trophy on podium. Female swimmers, cheering, winner from USSR Galina Stepanova. Men in different styles of swimming. Winners presented w/ loving cups.

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