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Russian News of the Day 1972 #15 April

Reel Number: 221372-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972

Country: Chile,Cuba,Greece,Russia,USA,USSR,Uzbekistan,Vietnam

Location: Moscow,piraeus,San Jose,UZBEKISTAN

TC Begins: 12:21:17

TC Ends: 12:31:38

Duration: 00:10:21

Russian News of the Day 1972 #15 April 12:21:40 Kremlin palace meeting of Soviet republics & German Federal Republic (DDR). Opening speech by USSR chairman Suslov. Gromyko makes speech. Other deputies make speeches. Suslov closing the meeting. All vote for agreement between both sides signed in 1970. (all MOS, Good CUs) 12:23:18 Moscow, around 5 million people take part in (go to work) all nation Communist Worker’s Saturday in Lenin’s honor, April 15th. Shots of workers in watch factory, automobile factory w/ assembly line & many cars, wool looms, railway company (where 1st workers Saturday was introduced 53 years ago) & street cars. 12:25:27 US planes take off from aircraft carrier, drop bombs on Vietnam. Anti-US in Vietnam meeting held in Moscow factory. 12:26:19 Kremlin palace USSR Chairman Kosygin meets Cuban minister Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, Chilen minister & others. 12:27:00 Greek port, Piraeus. American navy ships: submarine, others, on the coast. 21Apr72 International Day of Soviet Committee's solidarity w/ Greek democrats. Writer’s Smitnov’s speech (MOS). 12:27:58 Uzbekistan spring planting. Collective farm - “Communism”, line of tractors planting cotton fields. 12:28:36 Large Dmiitrovsky china production factory, women work at machinery. Pottery decorated w/ hand painting. Beautiful finished china put on display. 12:29:25 Next year’s shoe collections displayed. People look at the production at Soviet House of Shoe Modeling. Designers work on new drawings. Footwear modeled on catwalk. FASHION SHOW. 12:30:30 San Jose, California Angela Davis enters courtroom. Everybody is security checked before entering. Press conference by Davis (MOS). People protest in streets in support. Construction Consumer Goods; Patriotism; Diplomacy; Anti-American; Cold War; Soviet Newsreel;

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