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Russian News of the Day 1972 #17 May

Reel Number: 221330-24

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972

Country: Latvia,Russia,Turkmenistan,USSR

Location: Moscow,Turkmenistan,Valmiera,Vuljanovske

TC Begins: 13:25:21

TC Ends: 13:36:04

Duration: 00:10:43

Russian News of the Day 1972 #17 May Moscow in May High angle Red Square May Day demonstration. Huge crowds welcoming & cheering party & government leaders incl. - Brezhnev, Kosygin & ?? 13:26:19 Nikolai Podgornijs (Podgorny) speech (MOS). Applauding, cheering. Parade w/ big posters of Lenin & others. Elaborate float, banners, signs. 13:27:19 Young Lenin members marching in 50th anniversary celebration of Pioneers organization. 13:27:29 Man filming with 8mm movie camera. Children running to present leaders with flowers. Overhead and street level shots of workers waving & cheerig. Vietnam solidarity anti-imperialist posters. 13:28:59 Second year in five year term segment. Shots of huge mining shovels & equipment; digging open pit mine, conveyor belt removing rock or ore. Seen from crane cab. 13:30:16 Dairy production factory in Valmiera, Latvian city. Milk pasteurized; bottled. Tanks of cream. New workers learning the trade. Packing ? in boxes. Storage room full of cheese blocks. 13:31:15 Turkmeniya (Turkmenistan) Spring. Sheep, blossoms, planting. Covering tomato & cabbage plants w/ plastic in fields to protect from cold. Kolhoz “Moscow” preparing soil for sowing. 13:32:11 Prizewinners of Lenin's bonuses: Prize in music - for author of classical opera “Kola Brunjon” Dmitrij Kabalevsky, conducting. (13:32:36) Prize In Architecture for team of creators of Lenin's memorial in Vuljanovske. Building from outside, inside, high angle of it. (13:32:45) Sculptor Nicolav Tomsky working on Lenin's sculpture. Unveiling outdoors, large crowd. 13:33:07 Kremlin ceremony, prizes & bonuses for winners: peasant Nikolay Tikonov; writer Ivan Melush; Elderly author (Marietta Shigian?) bonus for theatrology in Lenin's honor, applause. Soviet conductor Evgenij Svetlanov. Producer of films about liberation, Urij Ozerev; writer Agnia Bordo for children's poetry. CUs. 13:34:17 Sport. Central Leninsky Stadium, traditional festive opening of summer’s sport season athletes marching w/ flags, big USSR flag. 13:34:34 Traditional relay race for prize of newspaper “Vechernaja Moskva”. Runners from Spartak, Armesnk(?) and Dynamo clubs run thru streets, people watch & cheer. Dynamo wins. (13:35:45) Presented with prize - luxury jewel chest, which they've already won 20 times. USSR newsreel;

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