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Space History - Reds Orbit Two Craft (1962)

Reel Number: 221729-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,SPACE

TC Begins: 17:09:25

TC Ends: 17:10:49

Duration: 00:01:24

Space History - Reds Orbit Two Craft (1962) 17:09:30 Cosmonaut climbing ladder; view down to men on tarmac. CU man’s helmet closed; MCU lying in capsule. 17:09:39 Interior of control room w/ technicians in front of electric consoles. Rocket firing & lifting off. 17:09:48 View thru clouds over earth from rocket. 17:10:02 View of earth from space. 17:10:07 Animated diagram of orbiting capsules. 17:10:12 Technician looking closely at instrumentation print-out in console; large tracking antenna; technician a console. CU NYC Daily News w/ headline: 2 Reds Circle In Twin Orbits - Make Contact by Sight, Radio. Other newspapers w/ similar headlines. 17:10:32 Technician looking at several monitors w/ video feeds of astronauts / cosmonauts. CU of kinescope. 17:10:41 MCU of cheering crowd in Russian street; pictures & signs. Soviet Space Exploration; History; NOTE: Sokol (Falcon) w/ Nikolayev lifted off on 11Aug62 for four-day flight on Vostok-3 mission. Berkut (Golden Eagle) w/ Popovich lifted off 12Aug62 on Vostok-4 mission & came w/in five miles of Vostok-3.

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