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Stalin Funeral

Reel Number: 221061-16

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1953

Country: Germany,Russia

Location: Berlin,Moscow

TC Begins: 04:01:20

TC Ends: 04:13:32

Duration: 00:12:12

Stalin Funeral VS Moscow in state of official mourning after Stalin’s death on 05Mar53; church bells ring, flag of Kremlin at half mast; CU newspaper headline. 04:03:37 Crowds queue to view body; scenes at dusk of Red Square and Kremlin flags at half mast; women crying; newspapers sold from street kiosks showing headlines announcing death. Scenes of mourning around the Soviet Union and other Comecon countries. 04:04:58 Russian families listening to radio. Berlin construction workers reading newspaper on high building. 04:05:29 Mourners in Moscow queuing - huge portrait of Stalin outside building. INT distraught mourners filing towards & viewing body inc. good MCU Stalin’s body laid out. Government officials inc. Khruschev & Beria ? stand in group near coffin as citizens file past. 04:08:25 CU Stalin in open casket. VS international Communist Party dignitaries arrive w/ floral tributes inc. Chinese, French, East German ?, Austrian & Spanish delegations. General Secretary of Italian Communist Party Palmiro Togliatti. British delegation led by Harry Pollitt ? & Peter Kerrigan ?. CUs wreaths. Mourners file past. Red Aquare at night. 04:11:51 09Mar53 HA shot Red Square by day - crowds. INT Soviet leaders inc. Khruschev & Beria. 04:12:31 Coffin carried out of public gallery - glass dome in coffin lid - Funeral March played on soundtrack. USSR. Communism.

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