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Time For Peace, A R2 of 2

Reel Number: 221257-08

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1972

Country: Iran,Poland,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,Tehran,Warsaw

TC Begins: 01:10:04

TC Ends: 01:21:38

Duration: 00:11:34

A Time For Peace R2 of 2 26th May 1972. St Vladimir Hall, Nixon & Brezhnev walk down stairs, take seats at table & sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT 1). Nixon & Brezhnev watched by many politicians. Champagne toasts. 01:11:43 Leningrad, eternal flame, military ceremony & wreath laying by President Nixon. Nixon signs guest book in memory of those who died during siege of Leningrad. CU “To Tanya & all... May 27, 1972.” 01:12:33 Nixon back in Moscow sits in front of television cameras to directly address the Soviet people. Makes speech SOF re prospects for peace and progress made. ...”with great power goes great responsibility” clipped. 01:13:28 Top shot Brezhnev & Nixon taking seat at table, sign agreement affirming pledging to avoid nuclear confrontation, signed agreements are exchanged & handshakes. 01:14:03 State visit to Iran, Nixon & Shah Reza Pahlavi waving from in open top car. Good shots across Tehran & motorcade w/ police outriders thru streets. Iranian & US flags. Locals read (brief) newspapers; CU newspaper headlines. 01:14:56 Evening reception, Nixon & wife Patricia arrive in evening dress; greeted by Shah and Empress Farah. Int, reception & guests seated at dining table. Wealth. 01:15:31 Next day Nixon at wreath laying ceremony at tomb of Shah’s father. Architecture, mosques, street scenes w/ traffic, road signs. 01:16:30 Nixon hosts lunchtime reception for Shah, Empress & other Iranian dignitaries. Shot of Tehran w/ mountains in background. 01:16:49 Presidential plane landing at Warsaw airport, Nixon off aircraft, greeted by Premier Jaroszewicz & President Jablonski. Girl presents bouquet of roses. Nixon inspects guard of honour, press watch. Nixon makes speech from dais. SOF: “... our goal to achieve a World of peace for all nations. Crowds applaud. 01:18:06 Motorcade thru crowd lined streets of Warsaw. Good shot press car w/ many cameras. Crowds surround Nixon car at Victory Square. 01:18:41 Ext. of ?? Int. Nixon meeting w/ Edward Gierek, First Secretary of Polish United Workers Party. Nixon & Kissinger at table w/ Gierek & others. 01:18:59 Pat Nixon attending open air piano concert of Chopin in the park. Street scenes. 01:19:33 President leaving in limousine. 01:19:53 Series of stills from meetings during 1972 trip. Nixon VO re peace. Credits. Cold War; May 1972; Diplomacy; Summit Meetings; 1970s;

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