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USSR 1966-1970

Reel Number: 221329-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1970

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,Siberia

TC Begins: 11:31:36

TC Ends: 11:42:18

Duration: 00:10:42

USSR 1966-1970 31Dec70 Busy street at night, buildings decorated w/ New Year lights, moon in sky, city squares in snow. Clock tower shows 10 min. to midnight. On central TV & radio Brezhnev gives New Year speech (SOF). 11:32:57 Night scenes of city, traffic. USSR map w/ 108 new cities marked w/ shiny dots. Various new cities, people on streets, high rise apartment building site w/ tall cranes, women builders. 11:33:39 Kids on sleds & skis down little hill. Family w/ skis on shoulders. Children in outdoor swimming pool. Electric power lines. Man high up on power line. Construction over lake. Hydro-electric dam building site. Man welds, truck load of big stones into water. High angle dam construction. People work on various constructions. Inside factory. Various shots of dam, spillway. 11:35:12 Workers in steel industry. Big machinery, sparks of melted steel; shots in & outside of factory. High angle of flaming steel, men at control panel, machinery, steel poured into big container; men in dark next to flames, one smokes. 11:36:13 Siberia oil industry. Helicopter lands, camels at construction site. Man in high crane, lift goes up. Woodland covered in snow. Man looks up, helicopter flies over w/ construction materials delivered by air. Oil lines built. Worker in huge oil refinery. 11:37:27 Chemical industry. Women work in synthetic production factory, machinery makes synthetic thread bobbins, various shots of women at work. 11:37:50 People in well-stocked shoe store. Women in fabric store, look at garments. Grain industry. Combines in field, grain poured in huge piles, man moves it w/ shovel. Aerial of combines in huge field. Cotton harvest. Tractors collect plants, men in back of truck move cotton. Various tractors in garage, in exhibition, moved by crane. New tractors by dock or railroad; train thru forest w/ long load of new tractors. 11:39:03 High angle of farm. Cattle herd, woman strokes cow. Lorry drives thru dairy farm, pours food. Milk poured in big container, various machinery. Milk bottled. Village house, shots inside rooms, television in corner. High angle street w/ new houses. Education. Medical(?) students at lecture. Students study in library, book about Lenin. Girl w/ protective face mask. Guys in laboratory. Factory, various machinery. 11:40:20 People look at supersonic airplane. Aircraft in the sky. Rocket launched. 1st automatic Soviet space ship lands on moon. High angle of city at night, hoses, streets squares as Brezhnev’s speech on TV (SOF) continues. Clock tower rings midnight. Man welds high up in construction. Flash back of workers in various industries - in factory, on field, people applaud in tractor exhibition, ship launched, men up in power lines, steel factory. High angle of big smoke coming out of factory. Space Race; Economics; Modernization; Economy Expansion;

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