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World Congress of Peace Forces: Peace To You Our Planet Earth Pt. 2 of 5

Reel Number: 221189-07

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1973

Country: Chile,Russia,Sweden,USA,USSR

Location: Moscow,stockholm

TC Begins: 01:03:01

TC Ends: 01:12:59

Duration: 00:09:58

World Congress of Peace Forces: Peace To You Our Planet Earth Pt 2 of 5 25-31Oct73 01:03:13 Flashbacks - Peace flag seen thru moving train window, crowds along rail line cheer. People give flowers to arrivals. Famous Stockholm appeal. Men sign documents. Collection of signatures for international vote against the atom bomb; on streets, in factories, offices. Big books w/ signatures brought for counting. Huge crowd all hand in hand sing & sway. 01:04:10 Congress hall, public applaud at World Congress. CUs of multiracial audience. African unity org. member & World congress of trade unions. Youth w/ flags parade thru auditorium to applause & singing, give flowers to everyone. Young Communist delegates in national costumes greet congress members (SOF). All applaud. 01:06:48 Congress emblem - symbol of peace in various places around Moscow, on flags, posters. Congress delegates tour Moscow's factories etc., greeted by workers. CU of people on streets. 01:07:40 Delegation pays tribute to tragedy of Chile & Salvador Allende, opening of street in Moscow named after him. CU of emblem thruout Moscow. Street scenes. Pins given people. Tribute to Chile w/ Mrs Allende & street naming for him. 01:08:08 Widow of Salvador Allende makes speech in Congress, struggles to hold back tears, women in audience cry. Minute of silence in his honor. Allende's recorded last message to his people played. Archival footage of Allende & street fighting. Fascist solders burning documents on street, demonstration - congress members cheer along w/ chanting protesters in South America in stock footage. 01:11:24 All candidates exit Kremlin Palace, cold winter day, snowing hard, walk to Lenin’s Tomb. Document - Decree on Peace signed by Lenin, picture of him. Everyone enters mausoleum, flower crowns displayed. GOOD Detente; Cold War; Propaganda; International Peace Movement Meeting;

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