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WWII Conference; Fighting; German Prisoners Marched Thru & Out Of City

Reel Number: 221359-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1940s

Country: Germany,Latvia,Lithuania,Poland,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Kiev,Lvov,Moscow,Riga,Vilnius

TC Begins: 14:36:29

TC Ends: 14:41:55

Duration: 00:05:26

WWII Conference; Fighting; German Prisoners Marched Thru & Out Of City Modern Soviet city, Moscow (?), w/ traffic. Harriman & Cordell Hull being greeted by Molotov & ?? Hull, Molotov & Harriman review troops. Diplomats & others outside ?? w/ Anthony Eden, Harriman, Hull, Molotov. 14:37:03 Int. w/ Molotov, Harriman & others around round table w/ US, England & Soviet flags in middle; Molotov, Eden & Hull signing?? Ext. w/ flags. 14:37:16 Welles off plane (only one second, then black) 14:37:21 Russian Generals (Zhukov & Rokossovsky?) in leather coats talking. Rocket barrage fired from hillside & explosions on valley floor, tracers. 14:37:42 Montage; men on tanks, battle & smoke; motorcycles across field thru dust. Infantry running forward, firing guns, men & women treat wounded. 14:38:17 Soldiers march past burning building. German soldiers taken prisoner. Soldiers in street look up; talk to distraught women, Germans marched off by soldiers. Tanks thru streets past infantry, people wave (Minsk). Swastika sign dropped from top of tall building. People cheering, flag, man w/ binoculars. Tanks & soldiers on hillside road in country. Tanks across wooden bridge, across field, POV from tank thru city street. Germans surrender, burning buildings (Vilnius, Riga & Lvov, Poland?). Wounded & dead carried. Putting up Soviet flag & women giving bundles of flowers. Tanks past. Tanks thru stream, soldiers running. Liberating town, Street fighting, happy people. 14:40:47 Scowling German General, other German officers as prisoners in MCU. German out of car. Glum pows in group. Enormous group in field & marched thru & out of city. People watching. MCU of faces of Russians & Germans. Hosing streets w/ trucks. Diplomatic Conference; Prisoners of War; Battles;

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